Catalog # AFL1-3603

Record Label : RCA/Koch records

Original Release Date : July 1980

Re-release: February 22, 2005
  Side One -
1 Where Do You Come From
2 Doing The Best For You
3 Visionary Dreamer
4 Nothin' More To Lose
5 The World Is Changing Hands
  Side Two -
1 Move Over
2 See The Beast
3 Imagination's Real
4 In You I Believe
5 Run






Throughout the 70's I made various attempts at making a solo album. I always wrote songs at home and recorded them in demo form, but whenever I went into a full blown studio situation ... It just never worked some reason. Working with session musicians I found difficult as it was hard to communicate my ideas generally.

Shortly after putting Konk Studios together with Ray and Mick, I was the only one of the three of us that really knew how to work the equipment properly. I experimented on a few tracks ... 'Midnight Sun', 'How can I love you' ... which I still have really rough versions of somewhere, among many others. At one point around 1974 (Konk Records period) I decided to go into the studios with producer/engineer Phil McDonald. Phil had worked on some Beatles material and I booked studio time at Apple Studios. Although the Apple organization was dismantling, the studios were still operating in Saville Row. The session seemed okay. I used a drummer who was a really sweet guy who had worked with a band John Gosling (Baptist) and I were producing at Konk called 'Cafe Society'. They were a talented singing trio who wrote some good songs.

We worked on two songs that day ... 'You've Got It Made' ... I recently found a rough instrument demo of this. The other title was a song I had been working on for some time called 'Long Lonely Road'. It was quite a heavy rock piece in three parts ... maybe one day I will put out the ruff mix of it in some form.

There were many other demos and stuff I had put together before Ray and I found ourselves with a Kinks album to make and virtually no band to make it with. Gosling and Pyle had left and Mick was disheartened . This had left us in a bit of a vacuum. This could of been the end of the Kinks. But as usually despite our up and down relationship, Ray and I pulled together and eventually after a long slog made the 'Misfits' album.

Just prior to the recording of Misfits, I had done some recording with a great 'feel' drummer ... Nick Trevisick. He was also a songwriter and I got on really well with him. I wrote a song during some sessions we did called 'Trust Your Heart'. Other songs from that session were 'Islands' and 'Give You All My Love'. They were recorded as a three piece with Pyle on Bass. I always liked working with a three piece. For some reason the sounds seem 'bigger'.

Ray had started writing this beautiful song called 'Rock 'n Roll Fantasy'. I suggested that Nick played drums on it as I realized that he had the right sensitivity for the song. In the end I think it worked just great. After working with Nick Trevisick on some other recordings and with a bass player who I had used on the 'Andy Desmond' album which I had produced earlier on the Konk Label with Gosling, I finally felt that 'now' I had material I could really get my teeth into.

I recorded some music with them that was to form the basis of the 'AFL' album ... Move Over, Wild Man, See The Beast, Where Do you Come From, Run and two still unreleased recordings ... 'Heartbreaker' and 'Within Each Day'. Other songs just didn't work. They just didn't feel 'internal' enough. So I decided in the end to play all of the instruments myself like I would on a home demo. This felt so much better as I could kind of gently let the songs out of myself this way. I finished the album with the help of a great engineer John Rollo and finally I had an album I was happy with! 'In You I Believe' is still one of my favorite tracks from that period. I felt exhilarated. It was a great experience. © Dave Davies 1998

RCA executives salute Mr. AFL1-3603