Catalog # 63467-79718-2

Record Label : Velvel Records/Meta Media

Date : January 12th 1999

Disc One - Kink Kronikles

1 I Believed You (1963 Ravens demo - First time release)
2 You Really Got Me
3 Beautiful Delilah
4 Long Tall Shorty
5 Come On Now
6 Milk Cow Blues
7 Wait Till The Summer Comes
8 Climb Your Wall (1970 demo - First time release)
9 You Don't Know My Name
10 Trust Your Heart
11 All Day And All Of The Night (1979 live version - One For The Road)
12 Living On A Thin Line
13 Perfect Strangers
14 Rock 'n' Roll Cities
15 I've Got Your Number (1992 demo - First time release)

Disc Two - Solo Kronikles

1 Unfinished Business
2 Imagination's Real
3 The World Is Changing Hands
4 Nothing More To Lose
5 Body
6 In You I Believe
7 World Of Our Own
8 Eastern Eyes
9 Love Gets You (New recording previously unreleased)
10 This Man He Weeps Tonight (New recording previously unreleased)
11 Suzannah's Still Alive (New recording previously unreleased)
12 Death Of A Clown (New recording previously unreleased)
13 Hold My Hand (New recording previously unreleased)
14 Strangers (Live at The Bottom Line, N.Y.C. 1997)
15 Gallon Of Gas/You're Looking Fine (Live at The Bottom Line, N.Y.C. 1997)
16 Lincoln County (Live at The Bottom Line, N.Y.C. 1997)

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