Dave Davies : Player Of the Month

Beat Instrumental - March 1965

DAVID RUSSELL GORDON DAVIES, citizen of the Kink dom of Beat, is lead guitarist with the high-riding Kinks. Compact frame, around 5ft. 10in. tall, topped by an expressively-flopping mat of dark brown hair. Highly skilled guitarist, he also dabbles on piano and banjo. Surprisingly, he's very keen on church organ music.

He says: "I started on guitar at school - I went to the same establish ment in Hornsey as Kink Pete Quaife. Story is much the same as with most of the groups. You know, you start fooling around with a couple of mates, then pluck up cour age to appear in public. My first ap pearance, with a vast repertoire of about two numbers, was in a boozer near our home."

Dave, born February 3, 1947. is the "baby" of the Kink quartet. He says: "Though, obviously we stick solidly behind the Kink-y type of music, I reckon I've got pretty wide tastes in music. For instance, I'll spend hours listening to Big Bill Broonzy - his voice is fantastic and he's also one of my personal favourite instrumentalists. His style is for real. It's genuine; got a lot of atmosphere.

"But then I also like girl singers like Anita O'Day. Also the late Cyril Davies on harmonica. It was a tragedy that he didn't live to earn the acclaim he deserved, for he was a pioneer of rhythm 'n' blues in this country.

"I've got pretty wide tastes among composers, too. People think I'm kidding when I say how much I like Bach, for instance, or George Gershwin. But you've got to listen to all sorts of music in order to develop. I also rate my brother Ray's work as a composer - that's not just loyalty, I really think his songs are good."

"I used to practise like mad. I'd listen to any type of guitarist back in those early days and try to copy what they were doing. I only had a cheap model then ... can't even re member the name. Of course, having an older brother was good for me. He was keen - and if I felt like not bothering he'd simply make me practise."

Dave's guitar styling is a most important part of flue Kink sound. Technically, it's fluent and punchy. "But I've tried not to copy anybody else," he says. "I don't like to think too closely about it - it's much better to just let it sort of happen. I believe more in 'feeling' a number than getting something that is too precise, too exact."

An athletic sort of cove, Dave - he likes horse-riding and most forms of sport. He likes to be a step ahead of current pop trends. Says: "Accept ance both sides of the Atlantic is important to me." He's accepted, all right!

Beat Instrumental, March 1965

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