Dave Davies - Rock Bottom

By Michael R. Meyer

June 26, 2000

In his new release, Rock Bottom, Dave shines as a star of the first magnitude, securing his place as the Founder and Exemplar of Hard Rock. From the first to the last tone, Rock Bottom captures all the dynamic energy, Martian edgyiness, and Uranian attitude that rock is all about. The quintessence of almost 40 years of rock, Rock Bottom is undoubtedly one of the finest live rock recording ever, and carries too many "best versions" to mention here.

Will Rock Bottom finally bring Dave Davies the recognition he so well deserves? The astrological chart for the recording release indicates Dave's time has come! It shows the Moon rising, with Neptune conjunct Dave's natal Mars, and Uranus conjunct his Mercury. All excellent tie-ins for a recording (Mercury) by a rock musician ; rock music is "ruled" by Neptune (music) and Mars (action and aggression), and also hooked into Uranus (revolution, transformation, and social edginess). Additionally, Venus (value, appreciation, self-worth, art, beauty and "the femme") in the release chart is conjunct Dave's natal Moon, which suggest acceptance, that people will connect with the recording and with Dave.

There are lots more tie-ins, but they mostly reinforce the above. The work of one of the very few true "Guitars Gods," Rock Bottom is rock music at it purest and most powerful. In Rock Bottom, Dave's sound is utterly free of contrivance ... a divine creation!

It is difficult to know what to call Dave Davies; as always, he defies labels. Perhaps he will be best known as an exemplar of his generation. Over the years, Dave has consistent reminded me of the ancient Hindu Raja Star. The brilliant "royal star," the finest of them all. But we on earth never see the Raja Star because it is constantly eclipsed by huge Jupiter, symbol of social authority, tradition, and power. But the pure at heart can see through the Jupiterian mass, and recognize themselves in the Raja Star's light.

By Michael R. Meyer - June 26, 2000 - Astrologer/Rock critic. A leading figure in the Humanistic astrology movement since the 1960s, he is today its foremost proponent.

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Michael R. Meyer is editor of CyberWorld Khaldea - the cyber home of authentic humanistic and transpersonal astrology.

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