Rock Report - Dave Davies - Keswick Theater

By Ken Sharp

Rock Report - February 1999

Just for his frenetic, DNA altering guitar solo on The Kinks' "You Really Got Me" , the group's lead guitarist DAVE DAVIES would go down in rock history.

With The Kinks taking a long hiatus from recording and touring, Dave Davies has hit the road in support of "Unfinished Business" (Velvel Records), an exemplary 2-CD retrospective of his career with The Kinks and as a solo act.

The Rock Report caught the final stop on Dave's U.S. tour at The Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA and the man did not disappoint.

Drawing heavily from his Sixties Kinks and solo output, Davies and band including ex-Muffs drummer Jim Laspesa and David Nolte of The Wondermints electrified the crowd with a memorable set.

Alongside such gems as "Till The End Of The Day", "I Need You", "She's Got Everything" (a minor hit for The Romantics in the early Eighties), a punky, revved up version of "I'm Not Like Everybody Else, Creeping Jean, the raga rock extravaganza "See My Friends" and "Suzannah's Still Alive".

Midway into the set Davies packed away his electric guitar for a stirring acoustic set which included an excellent new tune "Fortis Green", "Death Of A Clown", "Picture Book", "Living On A Thin Line" and "Strangers" among others. Strapping the electric back on, Davies and band brought the audience to their feet with a rare live rendition of The Kinks seasonal chestnut "Father Christmas, "All Day And All Of The Night" and the inevitable finale "You Really Got Me"

By Ken Sharp - Rock Report, February 1999

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