Birth Of A Crown -

Dave Davies : Will he become one of Leap Year's brightest new stars?

By Mandy Matthews

Source Unknown - January 1968

"Death Of A Clown" was Dave Davies' first record without The Kinks. It was an unusual record which surprised many people, not least of all Dave, by getting to num ber three in the charts. It bridged the gap between Kinks records and established Dave as a solo per former as well as one of The Kinks.

Now Dave's other record - "Suzanna's Still Alive" is proving how successful Dave can be without the rest of The Kinks. A record, that he not only sings, but also wrote on his own.

How does he feel about the success of his records?

"I was surprised that 'Clown' was a hit - I didn't really feel people were ready to accept some thing as ordinary as this."

Do you feel that your latest record is "ordinary"?

"Let's just say I prefer it - it's more in the line of things that I want to do. Whether it's a hit or not at least I'm doing something I want to do."

What do the rest of the group feel about your success?

"They don't seem to mind - they haven't really said anything about it. Ray is all for the idea. In fact I'm surprised that he hasn't made a solo record yet. Perhaps he will later on."

When you're on stage singing one of your numbers, do you miss the rest of the group?

"I did to begin with, then I thought to myself - you're doing something you want to do - and you're doing it on your own. But people don't really think of me as Dave Davies - more as one of The Kinks. My records are still connected with The Kinks - they just help to give people more variety.

"To me, The Kinks is a way of life. In the studio we know what we want and we get it on my own it's harder and becomes a much more personal thing."

And that's the way it is with Dave - a way of life for the young est Kink who found a lot of success on his own and a great deal of satisfaction in his work.

By Mandy Mattews - Source Unknown - January 1968

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