Dave Davies - Unfinished Business

By M.H.

Wondrous Stories - November 1998

Artist : Dave Davies
Title : Anthology - Unfinished Business - Castle ESS CD 584

Probably the lesser well known of the two Kinks brothers but nevertheless equally accomplished. In fact Dave Davies is probably the more bluesy and rockier of the two as the second CD of this double package shows. The first CD takes in Dave years as a Kink and includes "You Really Got Me" and "All Day And All Of Night" along with the highly amusing "Mr. Reporter".

Twenty five tracks on the first CD are very much what you will have become used over to the past thirty years of the Kinks while the second CD is Dave Davies over the past twenty five years or so as a solo artist.

The opener "Climb Your Wall" goes back to 1969/70 and was recorded at Dave's home Cockfosters, London. The weird thing about Davies music is that it seems ageless being able to mould itself into whatever is in vogue at the particular space in time. 1980's "Nothing More To Lose" could have been something a band like the Ramones might have done while "The World Is Changing Hands" would have been a handy track for The Police.

As it happens Dave kept them for himself and rightly so, for he is the best man for the job. The albums title is based upon a track that was allegedly unfinished but listening to Dave Davies as a solo artist, I have a feeling there's plenty more to come yet. The first time 'solo Dave' listener may well be surprised at just how well he shines as a guitarist, and lovers of late Alex Harvey ... well just listen to Dave as a vocalist. Great stuff! Classic rock indeed!

By M.H. - Wondrous Stories, November 1998

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