Catalog # 23917-1

Record Label : Warner Brothers

Date : July 1983

Re-release on CD : Wounded Bird Records
Date : September 13th 2005
  Side One -
1 Tapas
2 Charity
3 Mean Disposition
4 Love Gets You
5 Danger Zone
6 True Story
7 Take One More Chance
  Side Two -
1 Freedom Lies (123k)
2 Matter Of Decision
3 Is It Any Wonder
4 Fire Burning
5 Chosen People (MP3)
6 Cold Winter (MP3)

The song 'Freedom Lies' is very close to my heart. We are brought up to believe that we live in a free country, yet certain ways of thinking are still very much taboo. Freedom lies. You are allowed to say what you think as long as it falls in line with 'normal acceptable social parameters and modes of thinking'. It is a paradox.

'Take One More Chance' is a song about love, personal on one level yet at the same time a plea to the people of the world to make one last concerted effort to change in order to bring about harmony. The girl represents scepticism and fear of change. The singer tries to seduce the girl on the dance floor, pleading with her to dance with him. To take one more chance, for this is the last dance. 'What have you got to lose?'

'True Story' is about my telepathic contact. After I sat down listened to the record, I thought, yeah, great, now everyone and his brother is going to think I've lost it for sure. But it didn't matter, really, and besides, what could I do, pretend it didn't happen?

I struggled with Warner's to get some money to pay for a promo video for the album but had no luck, so I took the plunge and financed it myself. I shot it in London one afternoon during breaks in the Kinks' rehearsals fot Top Of The Pops. The track was 'Mean Disposition'. It is a song about a man who starts off his life with great ideals and ambitions but sees his dreams slowly dissolve as he grows older. In the end it leaves him embittered and cruel; we must never allow the world to steal our dreams. The video is a slapstick piece. It depicts a bully who goes through life throwing his weight around and who finally gets his comeuppance when a kid drops a pot of paint on his head, humiliating him.- Excerpt from 'Kink' - An Autobiography by Dave Davies ©1996

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"Charity, all the world really needs is charity. We're living in a dream. I'll plead with you all till it tears me apart. Is this all that we want? Is this all that we really are? Turn away if you want, turn away if you like, For the rest of your life, every day every night, In your house and your car, yes I know who you are. Can you not hear the world in its pain trying to call to you? Oh, oh, charity, we're living in a dream. Charity, can't fool me with your vanity. I've seen what's in your heart." - Charity

"While the government hides its head in the sand, We live in a danger zone. All the sad politicians. Hold the world in the palm of their hands. It's a lie, just an old film on the late show, In the end everybody dies. What's wrong with solar power? (No profit!). We're living in a danger zone, You're living in the twilight zone." - Danger Zone

"As I walked home the other night, I looked up to the sky. It hit me like a light in the head. They showed me of the world. In a different way. Oh, I'll never be the same. [This is space-sector calling] Are you talking to me? [We have a message for you.] I could not help but listen. [Children of earth must all become One family.] [Your leaders will not listen.] But what can I do? [People will listen to you.] I'm just a poor fool, [Reach out and help us make them understand.] A place for everyone, In their sacred plan. Living in all lands. I'll never turn away, Now my life has changed, I'll never be the same." - True Story

"Ooh, I don't understand, In this crazy world we live in, Just look around, is it true? No one gives a damn. Trapped in a world of illusion, Is it too late for us? But deep in my heart I know, There's a destiny, Through all this sadness I see. It's not too late to change, my love, Tonight the stars are made for love. Take one more chance, this is the last dance. Take one more chance, this is the last romance. Take one more glance and give our life a chance." - Take One More Chance

"Freedom, there's more to your life somehow. Old laws, man has made only blind. Oh, give us freedom, a call to the brave and the strong, To stand in the face of all wrong and show the way. Freedom lies, freedom lies, freedom lies. Freedom to live out the dream in a song, Give hope to the hearts of the young. Oh, give us freedom to act out of love and not fear, So all that is true will be clear. Hear tomorrow, calling 'Hold me, show me.' Freedom lies, freedom lies, freedom lies." - Freedom Lies

"The world is in such a sorry state. In the papers, in the news. Politicians can't see their hands from their feet, Nobody cares about the truth. We all must make a stand, For everything that we believe in, Every woman, every man." - Matter of Decision

"She will call us soon, She will shake her body, Bringing your land to ruin. Why will the world not hear us? We are most ancient teachers, we know Great Spirit's plan. We learned by nature's secrets, the inner side of man. We are the chosen people, give back our sacred land. There is a place for everyone. " - Chosen People


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