Catalog # MM-02

Record Label : Meta Media Records

Release Date : November 8th 1999

1 Let Me Be (329k) MP3
2 True Phenomenon (337k) MP3
3 Voices
4 Away From You
5 Fortis Green
6 Love In The World
7 Listen To The Spirit
8 Soothe Sayer (259k) WAV

The first in the Meta Media Demo Series form only part of a greater collection of songs Dave has written over the past years. Recorded mainly at his son Russell's home studio in North London, this internet only release contains the song Fortis Green. Recorded in Los Angeles during August of this year at the home studio of David Nolte with Jim Laspesa on drums. Fortis Green has become an extremely popular song in Dave's live shows. It was inspired by the early passages from Dave's autobiography 'Kink'. This unique CD also contains other never before released demo's such as True Phenomenon based on a story about a close encounter. A poignant song for the new millenium.

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