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**OUT NOW!**

fractured mindz

2nd Edition!

Completely remastered CD including two bonus tracks; "God In My Brain" and the brand new song "This Is The Time"! 

U.S. release date 31st July 2007 on Koch Records. World wide release date TBA

Pause and Play has a mini-interview and release information on Fractured Mindz


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Dave was featured on "Java" John's show, The Acoustic Record, on Thursday April 5th. The program is available here: Tropic Wave Radio



MetaMedia is proud to announce a brand new CD by Dave Davies! Featuring all new and original material!

**OUT NOW!**

fractured mindz

Released 30th January, 2007. Get your copy now of this limited edition release, don't miss out!


The Fractured Mindz CD cover


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Free Me  Click here to download a sample clip of this track
All About Me  Click here to download a sample clip of this track
Come To The River  Click here to download a sample clip of this track
Remember Who You Are
The Waiting Hours
Rock Siva
The Blessing special meditation
Fractured Mindz  Click here to download a sample clip of this track


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Dave recording "Come To The River"

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Dave talks about fractured mindz

Q: This is your first fully new release in a while, how did it feel to be back in the studio? Which studio did you use?

Dave: I used a small studio in the country in Devon. White Mirror Studios it is where I also retreat to do my art when I can and need to.

I really enjoyed working on this album although I did find some aspects of it emotionally challenging. I think I cried as much as I laughed during the making of it. I wanted to make an album that was from the heart and was sincere and touched on issues that I feel are important to us all as we move into a highly charged and transitional stage of human consciousness.

I am not making it for the money, as long as I can make enough to live. And I am not concerned too much if people find the subject matter a little dark or not. We have to realise that we are in times when what needs to be said must be said.

I just hope that the listener will pick up on the positive and heart felt energies that underlie the music and themes. It's what I felt I needed to do and was inspired mainly by my Spiritual impetus and desire to inject some clear and positive energy into the ethers and mind-field of people at this time.


Q: Was there anything different about your mindset while you were recording Fractured Mindz, compared to previous sessions in the studio?

Dave: I really tried to remove my ego from the work and allow higher vibes to come through. Well as best I can or could. There were quite a few named people who wanted to work with me but I needed the modesty and simplicity of the environment to help shape the work. But obviously in the future there are certain musicians or creative people I would love to work with.

It is what it is! I tried to keep it edgy, raw and natural. I have always loved the raw feel of demos and wanted to try and keep some of that in there. The mindset or motivation was the hope to be of help to people and let the listener know that I care and that there is a kind of unmoveable love operating behind every one and every situation. This is why sometimes I choose dark subjects because no matter what happens to us or what situations we find ourselves in there is light and love there or behind there. There is always a solution that is Karmically sound.

In some ways the most important track, to me personally, is the “The Blessing”. There are no lyrics just what I call healing chants.

It starts off quite dark and pondering even ominous but the singer and chanter tries to push up and through and into the light in spite of the surrounding terrain as it were. He is using the atmosphere or surrounding conditions as support and a vehicle to help him on his quest or journey. Also I needed this vehicle to talk and express my interests and information and communicate, ideas etc. Just like we are doing now. The real important stuff that you cant always get into songs.

Someone recently asked me how I was doing with my new book. Each day I add a little more and then realise there is so much more to do. The book keeps having to take a little break each time I record and write music and take on other projects but it is always coming along. It doesn’t have a beginning or end yet. It is just stuff, stuff that motivates me and things that I deeply care about. Sometimes we only know what we are searching for when we start searching and with writing we find out more when we write!


Q: What does the term "fractured mind" mean to you?

The NarcissistDave: This means many things but mainly it is about how our consciousness is split or broken or incomplete. And until we confront the ridiculous notions we invent about ourselves, the world and people and the imagery we create and feelings we construct and fantasies that we rely on to make us feel something. To make us feel that we are OK! We will always live in world of delusion, untruth, deceit, fear, the false and the unreal. The bottom line is that we are not OK! Now, before you run away it is actually all right that we may be fractured in some way. After all war is a product of diseased and “fractured minds”.

I see you, you see me. I'll show you the God in me if you show me yours. We can do it without their help. Genuine kindness is the first step. My sister Dolly taught me that when I was 6 years old. I don't need the government, banker or bible or army to tell me otherwise.

When we have the strength to un-believe or unlearn and rediscover ourselves maybe nothing is not what it is all cracked up to be. Maybe if we let go, we may see that nothing is the big something we all truly seek. To heal our fractured minds we must turn it on its head and seek for answers in the spaces the fractured mind leaves or perpetuates or makes for itself. Others can and do cause our minds to fracture. All kinds of life conditions influence us for good bad or whatever. And leave lasting effects on us.


Q: Is there a message you want to get across on this album?

Dave: Just to make people think, to feel optimistic but mainly to feel the need to find some real answers and meaning to their lives. Just to face up to stuff and have more faith in each other despite our differences and weirdness, silliness, sadness, peculiarities. I think the message is of an a underlying feeling of hope despite appearances. That it ain't all over yet and that maybe, just maybe the best is yet to come and that our Spiritual redemption is just around the corner. But we have to take a deep breath and draw on all our inner strength to really try and find Truth within the madness. Or simply maybe people just might wanna dance to it. That would be nice too.

In Fractured Mindz the songs are characters in my life, or aspects of my personality or past lives. The Initiator and Spiritual Guide of “The Blessing” is a good friend or living the true and pure life or hopefully my next past life.

I know it’s hard for fractured mindz. Believe me!





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