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'First Tour' Memories


House of Blues

I've been listening to the CD for a couple of days now. It brings a smile to my face. It reminds me of the when Dave and band finally made it to the East Coast. I had always wanted to hear certain songs during Kinks tours but always felt a bit disappointed when I didn't get to hear songs like "Strangers", " Love Me til the Sun Shines" and "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" the way that it was recorded originally.

I had traveled with my friend Frank Reda to Chicago when we heard that Dave was going to play The House of Blues. That was a fantastic show and made me fill like a dream had sort of come true with seeing so many songs that I had wanted to see performed live. This CD has brought back so many wonderful and cherished memories.

The CD is Raw,Gritty and soulfully Rock and Roll!


-Rafaela Filippi


Club Caprice

I was at Club Caprice on 5/2/97.

Quick background – I fell in love with The Kinks at a very young age – and The Kinks were the 1st concert I ever saw: I was 11 years old and saw the Misfits tour in 1978 at the Universal Amphitheatre. Even at age 11, I was intrigued by Dave Davies solo spot at that show – the song he sang was Trust Your Heart, I song I came to really appreciate in later years. Anyways, I saw The Kinks a few more times through about 1984, including many great shows.

13 years later, in 1997, I was starving to see The Kinks. Alas, they were not performing together anymore. I kind of lost interest in The Kinks for a while, and missed their final ‘95 shows in L.A. But by ’97, I had reemerged myself in their music, especially the earlier material, and I was ready for a live show.

And so, I was very happy to hear that Ray was playing in Los Angeles. I attended the Ray show in Los Angeles just a few weeks prior to the Club Caprice show. I enjoyed Ray’s show – and it was fun to sing along to some of those songs. I thought the song selection was better than when I used to see The Kinks, and I left satisfied enough.

A few weeks later, I was driving through Redondo Beach, and I saw Dave Davies name of the marquee, playing that night. I was completely unaware he was doing solo shows. And I was especially shocked to know that he was playing just down the street from where I live. (There are very few good shows ever to see in Redondo Beach…you usually have to drive to Hollywood)

I still had Kinks-on-the-brain from the Ray show, and I wanted to go. I called my friends who I saw Ray with, and nobody wanted to come with me to see Dave.

I thought I understood why. A Dave show couldn’t possibly be as good as the Ray show we just saw. We were under the notion that Dave couldn’t sing as well as Ray, and this might be problematic. I was also thinking that Dave couldn’t possibly carry an entire show on his own that well. So, in fact, I relatively low expectations.

Yet I had liked Dave’s songs on The Kinks records, and owned his 1st solo record. If it wasn’t so close to my house, I probably wouldn’t have gone. But I thought it wouldn’t be a total waste of time, so I found myself heading over there that night.

Anyways, I walked out of that show straightened out. I enjoyed Dave’s shows 10x more than Ray’s (not that music is a competition). Song after song, this show brought back everything that I loved about The Kinks in a rush of emotion. I realized just how much Dave had to do with the sound of The Kinks. Ray may have written the songs, but Dave brought something else that was just as valuable. I was really impressed by his singing and emotion conveyed in songs. Dave brought such passion to these songs, it was like I was discovering them for the 1st time. “Strangers”, “She’s Got Everything” “Living on a Thin Line”, “Picture Book” and “Deadend Street” all blew me away. Dave simply rocked the house, and I never had the desire to see another acoustic show broken up with someone reading from a book.

I subsequently bought all the Dave solo records and live show CD’s, and have been a certified Dave fanatic ever since.

-Brian Karmelich


House of Blues

My first Dave Davies solo show was May 7th, 1997 at the House of Blues in Chicago. I had planned to see Dave when he came to Pontiac, Michigan but then show was cancelled. I remember my heart sinking down to the bottom of my sneakers when I heard that bit of news.

My then boyfriend, (now husband) Fritz, quickly suggested we go to Chicago instead. At first I thought that seemed a long way to go to see a show, but agreed to go after a few very brief moments of indecision.

I didn’t really know what to expect from Dave as a solo performer. I had all of his solo albums to date, and had seen The Kinks live many times, but couldn’t really see Dave stepping out on his own as a front man.

We got there in time to hear the sound check through the doors that led to the second floor. I had heard of this new song, “Fortis Green” that Dave had performed during the previous handful of shows, but hadn’t heard it up until the sound check. I remember standing in line, grinning ear to ear, and my excitement building.

The opening act was some local band, Mystery Driver, I don’t really remember much about them.

The second act was a very different artist, Hamell On Trial. I think my first impression was Mr. Clean on way too much caffeine. He also seemed to have something against KFC based on some of his rants and a few of his songs. His guitar was held together by duct tape and a wish, and he stunned most of the people around me into total disbelieving silence.

Then Dave took the stage.

Without a word he launched into “I Need You” it had an intensity and urgency that the original lacks. It was at that precise moment Dave dispelled any doubt that he was a charismatic and very capable front man.

At one point the action came to a stop when the guitar strap mounting on his acoustic guitar broke. Instead of getting flustered Dave smiled and jokingly asked if anyone had a screwdriver, and while he worked this out he said that we should all, “talk amongst ourselves”.

The whole show was amazing, the searing version of “David Watts” that made the punk version by The Jam seem tame, the soulful rendition of “Too Much on My Mind”, the emotionally charged, “Look Through Any Doorway”, the hauntingly beautiful, “Unfinished Business” and the way he made “You Really Got Me” all his own.

The show was over far too soon, I remember standing in line for autographs, and getting my copy of “Kink” signed and getting a bear hug from Dave. Fritz said I floated back to the hotel, still very excited at the wonderful show we had just seen and hoping we would be able to see many, many more.

-Leslie Ohanian


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