Updated: 23-JAN-2007

The Blessing Meditation
By Dave Davies

The heart is the meeting place for all our energies. In the heart energies are moulded and melded together. The merging of the lower nature and the higher brings transformation. The heart is the great transmuting engine of energy, for healing of the mind and soul. The Buddha; The divine Christ and Krishna forces are within us all!

Much Karma can be worked out through the heart centre. When we focus our thought and feeling energies on the heart in purity and honesty, higher consciousness can be awakened. Energy follows thought; where there is awareness consciousness follows.

We are divine beings. We need to reconnect with the divine part of ourselves, charge ourselves with these forces and attract these higher vibratory energies towards us in order to bring balance and harmony; truth and clarity to consciousness and Spiritual meaning to our lives and existence. The way we think and feel can provide opportunities for change; changing even matter and form itself.


Prayer and Divine Invocation

Sit still in sidhasana or in a straight-backed chair with the spine straight but not tense. After a short time of relaxation and preparation close the eyes; Relax and try to be full of calm and peace. Feel aware of the energy around and within.

Open the palms of the hands and place them facing upwards on the knees, just behind the kneecaps. Take 3/4 slow and deep breaths. On the in breath count 1, 2, 3. Like slow beats of 3 seconds. Hold for one count. On the out breath count for 4 slow seconds. And relax after the fourth out breath.

Do this three times then relax with the head slightly tilted upwards focusing still with eyes closed looking through the third eye. There should be no tension or strain. Feel only peace and relaxation.


Play "The Blessing" (from the Fractured Mindz CD)

Prepare yourself to receive all transmuting Divine healing energy, Love and Light.

As the music starts use your imagination to draw in from the surrounding ethers Vibrant, white Divine Healing Light.

Imagine a brilliant and scintillating shaft of light entering the top of the head approximately 4-5 inches in diameter. Draw this Light down through the brain and down the back of the neck and gently down the back. As it flows focus it in the base chakra at the bottom of the spine. Try and hold this Divine Healing energy in a ball of effervescent light in the root chakra for some seconds. Concentrate on the sacral bone on the lower back.

Now let the tips of your thumb and index finger touch, this position is called mudra.


Rest the hands on your lap in this mudra during the practice.

Now Imagine this wonderful Light moving up and around the front of the body; moving through the sex center and the solar plexus center. Will it towards the heart center. Visualise a ball of light in the Heart and hold it there for a few moments. Try and feel great love, compassion and onenes with all Life. Really feel this force cleansing, balancing and healing you!

As the solo voice (after the deep chanting section) from the music starts singing the high ‘Hum-umm’ visualize this powerful light pushing up through the throat centre. Imagine, pushing it up to the Christ chakra and out through the top of the head, and up as far as you can. Chant "hum-mm, hum-mm, hum-mm, hum-mm, ooh-ahh" together with the solo voice and imagine Light leaving the top of the head and project it far above you. (Try to join in with the singing; this will enhance the practice).

Mentally imagine this each time the solo voice sings "hum-mm" hum-mm, hum-mm, hum-mm, ooh-ahh. Push upwards with your imagination and release the light through the top of the head. Transmuting all tension, negativity and pain on all levels.

When the music is completely finished remain calm and enjoy the peace that this blessing brings. If you feel inclined, offer a heartfelt prayer of thanks to whatever divine force you believe in. Practice at anytime. Be filled with positive healing energy. Be bathed in purity and peace and joy. This blessing will help you to balance and confront the various uncomfortable, negative or disturbing elements that may get thrown up from time to time in the mind.

God Bless You,

Dave Davies


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