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“This Is The Time”

In the 1800s Sabine Baring-Gould wrote the song “Onward Christian Soldiers” which urged Christians to do battle with the forces of evil and Satan as the personification of that evil. Fast-forward to 2007 and Dave Davies has written a battle cry for the new age “This Is The Time”, a brand new track that is on the remastered Fractured Mindz that is set to be released July 31st 2007 by Koch Records in the US.

Unlike the call to war in “Onward”, Dave urges a “spiritual army from every nation” to overcome the evils within us and in the world with love and peace. To see past the “unscrupulous forces” or illusions that cloud the mind and “claim your cosmic right”. This revolution of love and peace instead of violence that will “change the world and set us free.”

The song starts out with what almost sounds like someone changing dials on a radio, and then dissolves into a haunting semi-chant. The half-sung half-spoken vocals command your attention with both what Dave is saying and how it is delivered. There is a somewhat menacing quality to how the spoken word parts are a bit distorted, and it definitely gets your attention.

The drumbeats are very reminiscent of Native American drumming. The bass guitar almost mimics a heartbeat, while the lead guitar part soars and swoops in between it all. The ending keyboard piece sounds like a church organ, mixed with something otherworldly. It’s almost funereal; maybe it’s the death knell of the old world order?

There are so many levels to this song; on the surface “This Is The Time” is a hard rocking song with a really good dance beat. But like a great deal of Dave Davies’ music, there is much more to it. It’s not a song to just listen to with half of your being, This song not only speaks to your ears and your mind, it also speaks to your heart and your spirit.

A spoken word clip, “man cannot stand a meaningless life” repeats throughout the song, adding to the urgency of the call to spiritual revolution. This seems to echo Dave’s strong commitment to making the world a better place through his music; to do more than just entertain, to challenge us to think beyond ourselves and see ourselves as the citizens of the universe that we truly are. “This Is The Time” succeeds in this aim; it is the anthem of the changes that must happen if we are to evolve.

Onward spiritual soldiers!

-Leslie Ohanian




Fractured Mindz

Fractured Mindz is the first solo album of all new material by Dave Davies since 2002’s Bug and it was well worth the wait! This album is a limited release, and for now, a website-only CD. This album will grab your attention and imagination for the whole span of the nine songs contained on it.

The album’s opener “Free Me” is a great rocking song with a gritty guitar accompaniment and tinkling piano intro. Its snarling vocals espouse freedom from the government, which struck me as being of a very similar theme to a few songs from Glamour but colored with the outlook of someone a few years older and wiser, and thoroughly fed up with the status quo.

On the surface “All About Me” is a fun song with a snippet of Dave speaking in a very high-pitched voice speaking French. But on closer listen it’s really the darkest ego exposed to the high-powered magnifying glass that Dave wields. The character in this song is not only self absorbed, “attention, give it all to me” he’s also power mad, and he proudly states; “I will abuse you, if I choose to.” It’s a bit like the seven deadly sins backed by a horn section.

The next song, “Come to the River” was played at a few of the live shows Dave did in 2004. It’s a very bluesy number with themes that most of us can relate to: the horror of mounting debts and societal apathy, and fighting the urge to give up. There’s almost an old fashion revival feel to it, as it urges the listener to “remember what the good book said” and “come to the river of light”.

“Giving” has an ethereal dream-like quality with double-tracked and echoing vocals punctuated by trademark Dave Davies guitar riffs. The contrast of the two makes for a really intriguing composition. It feels like it’s about loss or losing love, giving without getting anything return.

For the fifth track Dave seems to take a slice out from George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass and adds his own touch with “Remember Who You Are”. It’s a positive uplifting tune that reminds us to never give in to the darker side of life and “lift your head up to the sun.” It’s a really catchy tune with a chorus that will play in your head long after the song is over. I really like the line “you are a divine soul”.

“The Waiting Hours” cautions against getting caught up in the superficial. The true things are within your heart and soul. There’s an otherworldly ethereal and angelic quality to Dave’s vocals. A very trippy guitar solo almost sounds like it may have been recorded backwards.

There’s a taste of “You Really Got Me” in the intro to “Rock Siva”, which is an interesting lead in to the line: “I believe in Rock n Roll, I believe in my immortal soul” That line is just one example of the lyrics that are a very interesting reflection of the mix of guitar god and the spiritual being that Dave is at his very core. The contrast of the thumping bass and rocking guitar mixed with the chanting in the background of the words “Om Namah Shivaya Om” seems to show that those two aspects are not necessary incompatible, and can co-exist quite nicely.

“The Blessing” is a beautiful piece that is meant to be a companion to a special meditation Dave wrote that can be found at: http://www.davedavies.com/fractured-mindz/blessing.htm. In Dave’s own words “We are divine beings. We need to reconnect with the divine part of ourselves, charge ourselves with these forces and attract these higher vibratory energies towards us in order to bring balance and harmony; truth and clarity to consciousness and spiritual meaning to our lives and existence. The way we think and feel can provide opportunities for change; changing even matter and form itself.”

The last track, “Fractured Minds”, starts out with Dave not singing but speaking the lyrics while heavily digitised voices swoop in and out of his words like a sound track to a nightmare. Then a distorted guitar joins in, sounding almost like a howl of despair as the singer commands us to “Look at me damn you!” to look beyond his outward mask, and the ego, to the soul trapped inside the “fractured mind”.

For Fractured Mindz, Dave Davies has written songs that represent the heart, the mind and the soul. He doesn’t shy away from the negative, and celebrates the positive and shines his light on all those glorious, diverse puzzle pieces that come together to make a complete human being, even those with “fractured minds”.

-Leslie Ohanian

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