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CDs will start shipping Thursday February 26th, 2009

Metamedia is proud to announce the newest addition to the "Metamedia Bootleg Series"

Around the Galaxy



Recorded live at the The Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA April 30th, 1997, which was the second show in Dave's historic first solo tour!




Track Listing

I Need You
She's Got Everything
Look Through Any Doorway
Susannah's Still Alive
Creepin' Jean
Love Me 'til The Sun Shines
Milk Cow Blues
Imaginations Real
Wicked Annabella
Picture Book
Too Much On My Mind
Death Of A Clown (mp3)
Get Back In The Line (mp3)
I'm Not Like Everybody Else
Unfinished Business(mp3)
You Really Got Me
Around The Galaxy (mp3)



The official release date is February 24th, 2009 and will only be released through Dave's website! It will not be available in any store or online shop.

This recording is from Dave's personal collection of front of house board tapes. The selections on all Metamedia Offical Bootleg Series issues are chosen by Dave himself.

Get your copy now of this limted edition release, don't miss out!

The Band
Dave Davies - Lead Vocal/Lead guitar
Andrew Sandoval - Rhythmn Guitar
Dave Jenkins - Bass
Jim Laspesa - Drums/Vocals
Danny McGough - Keys

Produced By- metamedia
Consultation - Jonathan Lea


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