The Detune.Tv re-issues


Catalog # MM-04

Record Label : (metamedia records)

Release Date : July 2007

1 Astral Nightmare
2 Violet Dreams (471k) MP3
3 I'm Sorry
4 Give Something Back 
5 Hope
6 Bright Lights
7 Open Up Your Heart (469k) MP3
8 Wait!
9 No More Mysteries (494k) MP3
10 Lost In Your Arms
11 Long Lonely Road

'Fragile' by Dave Davies. The second in the Meta Media demo series release offers more never before released material spanning some 20years. Demos of songs such as 'Long Lonely Road', an Earthy hard rock, guitar driven piece which was the first song written for the AFL1 3603 album but was never used. This presentation is an eclectic and diverse blend of music styles that probably would otherwise never have seen the light of day! Sensitive ballads such as 'Wait!' A love song of longing, regret and remorse for love lost and hope that it may somehow be re-kindled. 'Give Something Back' a poppy and melodic track expressing environmental and planetary concerns. 'Astral Nightmare' an unusual almost mystical jazz /techno influenced piece opens the Album with punch. A strange surreal track having an unexpected dreamlike quality. There are many musical gems contained in this second demo series release that span the musical genre from Hard Rock to Country, Jazz to Ballad. Country influenced offerings like 'No More Mysteries' is a paradoxical piece that on further listening resonates to a higher Spiritual love. Almost devotional praise clothed in slide guitars and harmonicas culminating in a simple yet enchanting chorus. All in all, an audio feast of rare musical talent expressed innocently and honestly without the frills but with all the passion, grit and reality only a seasoned artist of Dave's caliber can deliver!

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