Catalog # AFL1-4036

Record Label : RCA

Date : July 1981

Re-release; February 22 2005
  Side One -
1 Is This The Only Way
2 Glamour
3 Reveal Yourself
4 World Of Our Own
  Side Two -
1 Body
2 Too Serious
3 Telepathy
4 7th Channel
5 Eastern Eyes


Generally 'Glamour' was received with caution. A 'Hot Potato' some called it. It was right at the beginning of the eighties during the Reagan-Thatcher era . It was the wrong time and people weren't ready for it. People were too into greed and ownership! Nobody wanted to hear about the pitfalls and 'soul decay' of what was to become a purely materialistic era. However I soldiered on and produced an album that I am proud of. We are all so busy being blinded by the temptations of 'materiality' that it distracts us from the inner spiritual journey ... soul growth. 'Is This The Only Way' is a song about 'pretense'... Nero fiddled why Rome burnt. The basic message of the album.- Dave Davies ©1998




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