Harmony Meteor - 1962
This is the "You Really Got Me" guitar.Click for sound clip.

Epiphone - 1964
My second ever electric guitar used on early package tours with The Hollies and the Dave Clark Five and on Kinda Kinks.

Fender Electric XII - 1965
This was used in the 'I'm Not Like Everybody Else' recording

Fender Stratocaster - 1954
I used this alot during the Everybody's In Showbiz and Preservation live shows period around 1972-74.

Fender Elite Telecaster - 1983
Used on the UK Jive and Phobia albums. (Perfect Strangers and Dear Margaret)

Fender Telecaster - 1952
Used on some of the Preservation recordings and used on Hard Way from Schoolboys In Disgrace and on Stormy Sky from the Sleepwalker album.

Gibson Les Paul "Gold Top" - 1960
A favorite of mine I bought in the States for about $400. I used it on Sleepwalker and the tours around that time. Also on Father Christmas and the Misfits album (Rock and Roll Fantasy).

Gibson Flying V
Used on the TV appearance on 'Shindig' in the mid-60's. It's a slightly different shape from the Flying V because it was in fact a prototype V. The story behind it was, I used to play a Guild custom built guitar and the airline lost it on our first American tour in '64 or '65. In those days I used to only carry one guitar around and I had to get a replacement quick. I went into a store and they didn't have anything I liked. I saw this dusty old guitar case and I said 'What have you got in there?' he said 'Oh, that's just some silly old guitar.' He got it out and I bought it for about $60.

Gretsch - 1956
I never really used it in a professional situation more for personal use at home. I used to call it my 'Eddie Cochran' guitar.

Gibson Artisan - 1978
This was used on Low Budget, Give The People What They Want and Chosen People. Used extensively on the major stadium tours of the U.S.in the 80s.Click here for 'Freedom Lies' guitar riff from Chosen People.

Rickenbacker - 1964
I never used this guitar for professional use, mainly just for playing around with at home.

Ovation Custom Legend
Used on current tours and current recordings.Click here for sound clip from 'Love Get's You' recorded in 1997.

Ovation Custom Balladeer
Used on current tours and current recordings.

Fender Telecaster (Sunburst) - 1994
This is my main guitar I use currently which I got on the last Kinks tour in 1995. Used on the tours this year and last year and on the recording of 'Unfinished Business'

Fender Telecaster
Used as second stage guitar on the current tours.

Elpico Amp (The 'Green Amp') - 1962
I bought this in a radio spares shop in Muswell Hill in 1962. I couldn't afford a Watkins Dominator or a bigger posher amp! I went home and plugged the Elpico loudspeaker's output leads into the input of the AC 30, in effect using the smaller amp as kind of a pre-amp. It sounded great, but I wasn't satisfied. The crowning glory of my simple yet effective experiment was to slash the speaker cone of the Elpico with a razor blade so that the material, although now shredded, still remained intact with the outer side of the cone. As it vibrated it produced a distorted and jagged roar. In fact, the original set-up was so crude that the main amp's hum was almost as loud as the sound I had created. A sound was born, but I didn't know it at the time. Immediately I started using my set-up in live shows that I performed with Ray and our band, in the time leading up to the creation of the Kinks. Ironically, it was that sound, which we used on 'You Really Got Me,' that got the Kinks our first hit. - Excerpt from 'Kink' - An Autobiography by Dave Davies © 1996

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