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As lead guitarist and founder of The Kinks, Dave Davies is one of the most unpredictable and original forces in rock, without whom guitar-rock styles including heavy metal and punk would have been inconceivable. A member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Dave's massive guitar sounds have inspired bands from Van Halen to Green Day. In addition to his dozens of albums with The Kinks, Dave has released three official solo albums, while touring to rave reviews with his Kink Kronikles show. Check here first for updates on tour dates and info on Dave's forthcoming solo albums. In the near future, you can look here for more surprises, including new music that you won't find anywhere else. Fans of Dave's book Kink already know a bit about his spiritual adventures. Get ready to join him on a journey to the Spiritual Planet, a Web experience unlike anything you've ever seen.- Bill Crowley, June '98


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