[Kink - U.S.]

[Kink - U.K.]

The following are select excerpts from 'Kink'- Included are rare photos not found in the book.


'Kink - An Autobiography'. By Dave Davies. Published by Hyperion Books (US) & Boxtree (UK) ©Dave Davies 1996

"KINK is an appropriate title for this fascinating memoir... An unflinching chronicle of swinging '60's London, Davies' autobiography delves deep into that period's experiments with drugs and sex... Even better, it documents the creative process behind the Kinks' classics like 'Lola' and 'You Really Got Me.' Packed with insider's dirt on everybody from the Rolling Stones to the Beatles, KINK is a must-read for fans."

- Matt Diehl, The New York Post
"A shockingly candid and poignant book... But what Davies does best is detail the long, celebrated career of his band, offering insight into its tragicomic masterpieces... What we get from Dave Davies is an emotional and admirably shameless memoir."

- Jeffrey L. Perlah, Billboard

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