(Limited Edition)

Catalog # MM-03

Record Label : Meta Media Records

Release Date : June 17th 2000

1 Michael Kraus Presents
2 "You Really Got Me"
3 Green Amp + Influences (MP3)
4 "Long Tall Shorty"
5 1st U.S. Tour/Book Extract #1
6 Intro "Death of a Clown"
7 "Death of a Clown"
8 "Susannah's Still Alive"
9 "This Man He Weeps Tonight"
10 Misery Tour/Book Extract #2
11 Intro "Strangers"
12 "Strangers"
13 Breakdown/Book Extract #3/Spirituality
14 "Love Gets You"
15 "Living on a Thin Line"
16 Spiritual Planet
17 Intro "Young and Innocent Days"
18 "Young and Innocent Days"
19 Thanks/"I'm Not Like Everybody Else"
  Fortis Green story excerpt. Not available on the this CD (MP3)

Legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist/writer Dave Davies makes a unique appearance at Marian College's Todd Wehr Alumni Center. Davies is co-founder (with his brother Ray) of The Kinks, one of the Big Four of the
British Invasion along with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who. At Marian, Dave performed (never before
in his 35-year-plus career) as a solo performer playing acoustic and electric guitars. Playing, singing, talking to the audience during his appearance, focusing on his career in and relation to popular culture both in The Kinks and as a solo artist.

Dave Davies performing solo at Marian College's Todd Wehr alumni center

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