Purusha and the Spiritual Planet

by Crystal Radio

(Dave Davies & Russell T. Davies)

Catalog # MM-01

Record Label : Meta Media Records

Date : October 1998

1 Kochan
2 Arrival
3 Mysterious Love
4 Feeling (262k)
5 Dance Of The Azuras
6 One Energy (312k)
7 Beautiful Night
8 Spiritual Planet
9 Return
10 Soothe Sayer (Mukti's Song) (259k)
11 Spiritual Planet (Reflection)

Dave Davies enters new territory with this 'exclusive to the internet' release of the music 'Purusha and the Spiritual Planet'. Performed, produced and arranged by Dave Davies with his son Russell during the summer of 1998, under the name of Crystal Radio. This CD takes Dave into the new millennium and explores his diverse musical range. With Dave's passion for classical music and his experience working on film scores, coupled with the talents of his son Russell, (who's musical interests and studies range from classical to ambient/trance and dance music) together form a unique collaboration. This provides a musical landscape that is both exploratory aswell as inspirational.

"It is a concept piece which I am very excited about based on an idea that I have had for sometime. There is the synopsis that will accompany the CD. It is a story about 13 year old boy who collects ancient artifacts and comes across a strange pendant. His life then suddenly starts to change drastically taking him on an amazing adventure that changes his life forever! - Dave Davies, Sept '98





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