Here you may explore all areas of Metaphysics with Dave, friends and collaborators.
Join with experts in the Paranormal, Psychic research and Astrology.
Investigate, experience and become part of the 'Spiritual Renaissance' that is now taking place in the world as we enter the new millennium.

In this time of 'Spiritual Synthesis' we will expand our perceptions to the subtle realms around us by learning and understanding about Spiritual Healing, Meditation, Yoga, Magic, the Occult and many other related subjects as we journey 'together' through the mystical terrains and nether regions of the Spiritual Planet.

Read original and inspired writings from Dave's published and unpublished works.
Discover insights and music that will heal and uplift the spirit.
Perform spiritual and magical practices that will help equipt you on the greatest adventure of your life.
The journey to the center of the 'Inner' Universe.

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