The Astrology of Spiritual Change
It's Time to Take Care of Unfinished Business
by Michael R. Meyer

There is a war going on
a spiritual change
There is a world going wrong . . .
We're on a psychic battlefield
fighting for our souls
to make us free

- Dave Davies, The World is Changing Hands - 1980

There are moments in the cyclic, spirallic sweep of individual and collective evolution when opportunities for spiritual change lay before us for the taking. During such rare moments, we are called on to resonate and tune-up to newly released spiritual qualities and energies, to modulate to a higher, more inclusive level of being and togetherness. We are once again entering such a time.

"Think Of The Most Selfless Thing To Be, Send It To The Whole Humanity"

For individuals today, such a transformation surfaces wholeness and compassion as driving forces in one's existence, and with them comes the capacity and responsibility to act as a creative force in the world. In the coming years, we will be faced with the realization that if we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem. On a collective level, spiritual change is the force behind revolutions in the social order, as well as in the arts and sciences. Indeed, even the scientific venture started out as a movement of spiritual liberation, aimed at freeing the human mind and spirit from the shackles of dogma and superstition. Last century the spiritual change initiated by H. P. Blavatsky and the spiritual Intelligences behind herówhich attempted to free the hearts, minds, and spirits of Victorian men and women from bondage to convention, materialism, imperialism, and spiritual slaveryóset the stage for the Quantum Revolution and the "spiritualization of the material" Blavatsky accurately foresaw. The challenge today is to realize we are one planet, one humanity, a whole composed of lesser wholes which is also an inseparable part of a greater whole . . . to cast-off the illusion of separateness and to open up to conscious, constructive interaction with greater wholes.

During phases of spiritual change and social transformation, transcendent power and assistance may be available to creative individuals ready, willing, and able to act responsibly and compassionately. Often without realizing the true source of the ideas, images and symbols which flow though them, receptive individuals may be "influenced" or "inspired" by unseen collaborators whose planetary function it is to gently guide and assist humanity through its long and often difficult evolution. The power and message flows first through poets and mystics, visionary artists, composers, dramatists, and writers. If the message is especially powerful, effective, and needed, it spreads like wildfire through certain segments of the population. At such creative, truly sacred, moments the world seems to come alive. Time seems condensed and everything intensifies. Society is cleaved into those who "get it" and the upholders of the status quo. A struggle for ascendancy ensues on psychic, ideological, emotional, and physical battlefields because established powers are seldom willing to take the next step ahead unless it promises to enhance their security, influence, and authority.

If one is fortunate enough to survive a few spiritual and cultural oscillations (or if one is a diligent and insightful student of history and human nature) one may catch glimpses of a meaningful and consistent pattern beneath the chaotic and turbulent surface of our age. The cyclic movements of the planets of our solar system provide a richly layered symbolic picture of the crises and opportunities of the coming years, as well as giving us a framework for interpreting how we got to where we are today. I attempted to interpret such a picture in my online booklet A Call to Transformation, most of which was written during 1991. Much has changed since then and today the astrological picture takes on new meaning.

"The Time Seemed So Right"

It is revealing and encouraging that today the 1980s are now almost universally regarded as a dark age out of which we are just now emerging. Astrologically, politically, and culturally, 1980 stands as a pivotal year.

Astrologically, it was the time Pluto began its 20-year penetration of the orbit of Neptune-a potent symbol of cosmic and spiritual fecundation. The world seemed vibrant again. Seed ideas and new attitudes introduced during the early-'60s were coming to fruition. The world seemed to be changing hands. The time seemed so right. But a lot more was in the mix. In a sense, the astrological "soundtrack" has 45 tracks, each carrying the vibrations, energies, and functions symbolized by the cycle of one of the 45 planetary pairs. The 500-year cycle of Neptune and Pluto is the outermost of the 45, and its deep bass tone sounds the beat of the slow but sure march of human evolution.

With 45 cyclic tracks, each operating at its own functional level and frequency, astrology obviously provides a very rich set of symbols, and it's easy to get distracted by surface noise and side issues in one's quest for significance. But whenever the Establishment and social, economic, religious, and political issues are involved, the 20-year cycle of Jupiter and Saturn serves as a symbol. During 1980-81 the two planets came together in conjunction, the start of a new 20-year social-political cycle.

"We're On A Psychic Battlefield"

The time was right for spiritual change, but 1980 was the year of a decisive U.S. presidential election, and its outcome would set the direction for Great Britian and other U.S. allies. The Establishment-the Corporation, if you prefer-was acquainted with the 20-year social-economic-political cycle of Jupiter-Saturn and intended to exploit it. Indeed, the Establishment was determined to recoup ground lost during the '60s and '70s, to destroy the counterculture movement and break the hearts and spirits of youthful aspirants, to secure its hold on the hearts, minds, souls and lifes of younger generations, to show that resistance is futile. To assure a conservative victory, the Iran hostage situation-and its intense, fear-producing effect on the collective psychicówas artificially prolonged until after the U.S. election.

The conservative politicans representing the Establishment won control of the governments of the U.S. and Great Britain. On 8 December 1980, John Lennon was assassinated. The dream was over. The Corporation won . . . the battle. The drug market was manipulated. Heroin flooded the market, then a highly addictive, ready-made form of freebase cocaine was advertised via reverse psychology and introduced into the marketplace. A sense of futility spread though the generation born in the '40s. As years rowed by uneventfully, younger generations grew accustomed to sameness and hopelessness; heroin became their drug of choice. There seemed no other way out.

"Unfinished Business"

The sameness and hopelessness of the '80s spilled over into the '90s. Even the great hopeful event of the coming down of the Berlin Wallówhich occurred exactly as Shiva-like Pluto, the Ultimate Tester and Purifier, reached perihelion (its nearest approach to the sun)-was soon all but forgotten and often viewed more as opening a Pandora's Box than the beginning of a new age of global harmony and integration.

Yet the core issues which shook previous decades and catalyzed a war between generations didn't go away. They still need to be faced. Now, as the astrological picture once more assumes a complex and intense character, another opening for spiritual change is forming, and with it comes the urgent need and rare opportunity to take care of unfinished business.

In A Call to Transformation, I presented an in-depth look at the 500-year cycle of Neptune and Pluto, showing how successive aspects (or phase arcs) formed since their current cycle, which began in 1892, corresponds with the historical and cultural development of the 20th century. Special attention was given to two highly unique and significant features of the Neptune-Pluto cycle which are operative during our time.

The already mentioned penetration of Neptune's orbit by Pluto from 1979 until February 1999 is well known in the astrological community. As expected, something extraordinary occurred when Pluto reached perihelion during September 1989, but many anticipated something of even greater and more revolutionary scope, especially in the U.S. and Western Europe. Back in the '60s and '70s, we thought large-scale revolutionary change, and possibly telluric upheaval, would be seen by Pluto's perihelion. Change was occurring at a terrific pace. Everything was becoming evermore intense. There was a very real, compelling and all-embracing reality behind songs like David Bowie's "Changes" and Dave Mason's "World in Changes." But, as we saw, things slowed down considerably after 1980 and the pace is just now quickening. If we view Pluto's 20-year absorption by Neptune as a time of spiritual fecundation or fertilization, now that Pluto resumed in its usual position in the order of the solar system during February 1999, the spiritual seed should begin to germinate and push its way above the surface and into sunlight.

In A Call to Transformation, I introduced another feature of the Neptune-Pluto cycle which is just coming into operation. Because Pluto has a greatly elongated orbit, the 51 degree waxing septile aspect (based on division of the cycle by seven) between Neptune and Pluto which was operating during the late-1930s to the early-1940s is once again operative. The reappearance of the configuration is significant and unique because for more than 50 years the two planets have advanced to the next aspect-the sextile of 60 degrees, based on division by six. Additionally, the septile will come and go every year around New Years for the several years! In A Call to Transformation, I wrote that a waxing septile between Neptune and Pluto, which occurs soon after the opening of a new cycle, represents the action of karma and the enduring pressure of ancient patterns. During such a phase we are faced with the challenge to neutralize the failures and unfinished business of the past cycle, which can return to haunt the present. If toxic materials leftover from the previous cycle aren't successfully eliminated during the waxing septile, they will toxify and contaminate the process unfolding through the current cycle. (p. 36)

With the reoccurrence of the Neptune-Pluto septile, we are given a second chance to take care of unfinished business
- before it's too late. The two planets will first meet in exact septile during the last week of 2001 and the first week of 2002, and the aspect will be repeated every year until 2007. It is difficult to say just when the two planets moved within orb of septile, but around New Years 1998 they first slipped within one-degree of exact septile, and judging from the evermore surreal character of world events since then, it is probably safe to say that it began around New Year 1998.

Uranus (the planet of awakening, transformation and revolution) and Neptune (the planet of universality, mass movements and our psychic faculties) are both currently in Aquariusóa sign ruled by Uranus. During 1998, their pivotal conjunction of 1993 will have grown to a 10 degree arc, suggestive of something definite growing out of seeds sown at its conjunction. Additionally, their passage through Aquarius provides the barrier-breaking (Uranus) and dissolving (Neptune) power needed to overcome the inertia built-up over the past two decades. During 1999 there was a series of tense squares (90 degree aspects) between Jupiter and Saturn paired in the steadfast sign Taurus and Uranus and Neptune paired in Aquarius. During September 1999, all four were be retrograde, bringing an opportunity for introspection, for going over old ground to repair damage done, or to reengage abandon lines of activity . . . for better or for worse.

The retrogrades of September 1999 also represent a time of reflection and re-evaluation following the highly-publicized Solar Eclipse of August 1999, when the doom-and-gloom merchants of astrology actually scared themselves with their dire predictions of the end of the world. Their predictions were so absolute and ubiquitous that the editor of the largest popular astrology magazine in the United States issued a public apology for the extereme and untrue character of predictions issued by her writers.

But doom-and-gloom astrologers never seem to learn from their past errors! On 4 May 2000, all seven classical planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) were in the sign Taurus, and the same merchants were out there claiming the concentration of planets in Taurus would bring a stock market crash and the end of civilization as we know it!

Then, on 28 May 2000, Jupiter and Saturn began a new 20-year cycle while forming a confrontive square to Uranus, the planet of revolution and transformation. So far, this, the really important astrological event of Year 2000, has gone almost unnoticed.

Image copyright ©2000 by Michael R. Meyer

The astrological chart for the moment of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at the location of New York City is particularly fascinating. It is so because at New York the conjunction occurred directly overhead, at the cardinal point of the horoscope known as the Midheaven, which is the gate of social, cultural, and collective power and purpose. It is a very potent symbol suggesting New York will continue to be the world city. Its social, political, and economic power and influence will continue to grow in coming years. The conjunction occurred in the primal feminine sign, Taurus. And during the coming 20 years women can be expected to take the creative lead! But not in a manner "feminist" would necessarily approve. "Pretty" and "femme" are once again acceptable, and women will no longer need to sacrifice their femininity to survive in the world of business and career.

In the New York chart for the conjunction, Sun is in the Tenth House, Gemini - surrounded by Mars and Venus, opposing Pluto. Personal issues and the empowerment of the individual will take the forefront in coming years, as well as all the significant social and political issues of the '60s which were submerged after 1980. "Smart" (Gemini) will make a comeback, because in the long-run dumb is boring, and because we are going to have to be smart to survive the coming decades! Everywhere, people are ready for something fresh, beautiful, and hopeful. We can see it in the current, massive revival of the '60s look, "hippie chic," and more. Cycles return, and old things suddenly look fresh and refreshing, and we see them anew. Old issues unresolved always come back at us . . . because that's the path of evolution. We are always given fresh opportunities to try again.

What is decided NOW, between the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and the first of a series of exact Neptune-Pluto septiles, may deeply condition future decades. It will decide how we move through the septile phase, where we will face the action of our collective karma. Then we will either accept a more or less peaceful movement toward a global age of harmony and fullness or force Wholeness obstructed to assume a destructive aspect in order to open the way for a creative future.

"The Future is Here Today"

Everyday brings new affirmation that spiritual change is in the air, that spiritual forces are once again active in the world and that planetary Intelligences are ready and willing to help us take the new step ahead . . . and to nudge us along.

One of the most outstanding and potent affirmations of impending spiritual change is provided by Dave Davies and his remarkable and timely titled Unfinished Business (1998) and his outstanding, quintessential Rock Bottom (2000) In view of Dave's equally significant 1980 debut LP ALF1-7603, it's no great surprise to see Dave-who many know as the power-chord master of the Kinks and the original wild boy of Rock at the cutting edge of today's spiritual change. Dave was born during a potent conjunction of the Sun (symbolizing one's center of integration), Mars (representing dynamic, outward action) and Mercury (the quick planet of the mind and communication) in Aquarius, with the cluster opposing Pluto in Leo. The powerful configuration is an apt signature for the aggressive, straight-forward guitar sound Dave created in the early Kinks recordings birth cries of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. It also symbolized his intense, determined and entirely positive approach to the impending spiritual change. Indeed, spiritual change, the power of affirmation and an urgent need for personal and social transformation are the driving forces behind Dave's solo work. In his musical work, and now in Kink, his recent autobiography, Dave reveals himself as a force in the spiritual/metaphysical community reminiscent of the likes of H. P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Dion Fortune and others.

Image copyright ©2000 by Michael R. Meyer

In his new release, Rock Bottom, Dave Davies shines as a star of the first magnitude, securing his place as the Founder and Exemplar of Hard Rock. From the first to the last note, Rock Bottom captures all the dynamic energy, Martian edginess, and Uranian attitude that rock is all about. The quintessence of almost 40 years of rock, Rock Bottom is undoubtedly one of the finest live rock recordings ever, and carries too many "best versions" to mention here.

Will Rock Bottom finally bring Dave Davies the recognition he so well deserves? The astrological chart for the recording release indicates Dave's time has come! It shows the Moon rising, with Neptune conjunct Dave's natal Mars, and Uranus conjunct his Mercury. All excellent tie-ins for a recording (Mercury) by a rock musician ó rock music is "ruled" by Neptune (music) and Mars (action and aggression), and also hooked into Uranus (revolution, transformation, and social edginess). Additionally, Venus (value, appreciation, self-worth, art, beauty, and "the femme") in the release chart is conjunct Dave's natal Moon, which suggests acceptance, that people will connect with the recording and with Dave.

There are lots more tie-ins, but they mostly reinforce the above. The work of one of the very few true "Guitars Gods," Rock Bottom is rock music at it purest and most powerful. In Rock Bottom, Dave's sound is utterly free of contrivance ... a divine creation!

It is difficult to know what to call Dave Davies; as always, he defies labels. Perhaps he will be best known as an exemplar of his generation. Over the years, Dave has consistently reminded me of the ancient Hindu Raja Star ; the brilliant "royal star," the finest of them all. But we on earth never see the Raja Star because it is constantly eclipsed by huge Jupiter, symbol of social authority, tradition, and power. But the pure at heart can see through the Jupiterian mass, and recognize themselves in the Raja Star's light.

Michael R. Meyer is author of the best-selling A Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer, one of the most widely read and respected books on serious astrology published during the 20th century. A leading figure in the humanistic astrology movement since the 1960s, he is today its foremost proponent.

An artist of Transcendental Abstraction and a contributor to the philosophy of Wholeness, Michael R. Meyer is a living link in an unbroken chain of spiritual friends which include H. P. Blavatsky and her teachers.

Michael R. Meyer is editor of CyberWorld Khaldea - the cyber home of authentic humanistic and transpersonal astrology.

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