By Chrissie Blaze
"The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love. And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we shall have discovered fire." - Teilhard de Chardin

Healing has been an urgent need since man first began to exercise his free will and live out of harmony with the Laws of Nature. In co-operation with these self-same natural laws, systems of healing have evolved through every culture upon Earth, from the Asian and American Indians, to the Europeans, to the Maoris of the Pacific, and many other civilisations.

Healing is a very natural ability and in fact our sub-conscious mind and all of our physical drives are towards health and healing. When we cut our finger, our sub-conscious mind goes into action to heal the finger. When we break a limb, the doctor will assist, but at the end of the day it is our body that performs the healing miracle. However, not only can we heal ourselves and enhance this natural drive within us to perfection, but we can also heal others.

As this is a natural ability, it is not so much something we have to learn, but rather to discover. Once discovered, we then of course need the correct technique, but the actual ability is within us all, just as is the Divine Spark of God. The urge to heal may be lost by lifetimes of selfishness but somewhere, deep within us all, is this urge that, sooner or later, will be expressed. Even if it takes us a thousand lifetimes, it must sooner or later be expressed.

We are told that an advanced or enlightened person would not dream of walking past an injured tree or plant without sending it healing. We too can become more enlightened if we change our approach to life and start to emulate such people. After all, we all know really that healing is a natural part of ourselves. How many times have we seen a child fall and graze his or her knee? If it is our child we will rush over and put our hand on the wounded knee. It is an instinctive reaction. That same instinctive love for our child can be transferred by a conscious act of will to another person, whoever they are.

Once we start to realize that we are all one huge family on this earth, that we are all in it together, that we all have the same struggles and pain, we start to really feel that we are our brother's keeper. The brotherhood of man prophesied for this new millennium cannot be brought into being until this happens, not only in our minds, as an intellectual exercise, but also in our hearts. This realization in our hearts will then need to be expressed, and one expression of this is our love and compassion for those who are suffering. The barriers of race, religion and creed are ridiculous man-made barriers that must eventually come down for the new millennium or New Age of Peace and Enlightenment, referred to as the Aquarian Age, to dawn. There is no other way.

Healing is one of the greatest ways to do this. I first became interested in healing in London in the l960s. I heard that a famous healer, Harry Edwards, was going to be healing people in the Albert Hall in London. I was only 14 at the time, but went along with my aunt and cousin to see this man work his miracles. I was astounded by what I saw and to this day I can picture this man with white hair, and rolled-up shirt sleeves sitting on a wooden chair in the middle of a large stage, with a capacity audience.

The impression I got from him was down-to-earth, solid and powerful; he was surrounded by what I can only describe as a "warm glow". I saw his physical body surrounded by a brilliant white light that seemed to outline him like a halo. I later learned that this was the etheric body; one of the several subtle bodies that surround us. I have seen it quite often since when watching powerful people give lectures, healing or performing some activity where a great deal of energy is generated. Harry Edwards seemed like the soul of compassion; intent upon his purpose. Person after person would climb onto the stage while he performed his healing "miracles".

One man was terribly crippled and he came up in his wheelchair. Harry Edwards immediately started to manipulate his spine with his strong hands and all of a sudden the man was straight. It was hard to believe, but he got up and walked off the stage to cheers and applause from the audience. From that point I wanted to know more. I avidly read his books and found that he worked with spirit guides. I learned that two famous doctors who had passed on, Drs. Lister and Pasteur, used Harry Edwards as a channel to continue with the healing work they performed while on earth. He never gave any credit to himself, but always to others and it was obvious that healing was his mission. I would never in my wildest dreams have imagined at that time that one day I would be in the privileged position of not only being a healer myself, but also being able to teach it.

It was when I met another outstanding healer and Western Master of Yoga, Dr. George King in the l970s, that I first understood how healing works. Dr. King was later to become my Master and I worked and studied under him until he passed away last year in 1997.

1n l976, Dr. King published his classic textbook "You Too Can Heal". At the time, the general teaching was that healing was a gift reserved for the few. Dr. King came along and revolutionized the healing movement in the U.K. by saying that healing is our natural birthright and that every man, woman and child on earth can heal. He also taught a simple healing technique that anyone can learn quickly and use effectively. Not only that, but he taught the underlying reasons why healing works and why it is something that we should all practice.

It is amazing how in the space of twenty years this teaching has now been fully accepted throughout the world and I regard my Master as being one of the pioneers in this field of the spiritual sciences.

To be a healer we have to consciously start to adopt a healing consciousness. Just as the enlightened person could not pass an injured tree without stopping, we should be the same. We should place our hands on the tree and visualize with all our concentration, the healing energy of prana, which flows freely through space, flowing through our hands into the injured tree to bring about a state of balance. It is very similar to the principle of healing a person; healing is a natural way of bringing things into balance so that the body can then heal itself.

We will probably find once we start to do this that many opportunities for healing will start to be presented to us and the first thing we should do is to find an effective technique and one that suits us. There are many techniques that are excellent, but the one I have used and taught was devised by my Master, Dr. George King many years ago. This technique can be learned in a day; it is simple, effective and safe for the healer as well as the patient. However, there are now many healing techniques taught throughout the world and I suggest you find one that suits you. The main thing is to start practicing. You too can become a great healer but like anything else you need to have a burning desire to succeed, combined with plenty of practice. If you have these things, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to perform virtual miracles of healing. So once you have found your technique, then start practicing it until you really feel that spiritual energy is flowing through you, as it will. You can start to practice on yourself, your friends and your family as well as your pets and even plants. All life responds to the wonderful power of healing.

There are obviously many ways of healing. These include our orothodox medical system, complementary therapies such as acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy, herbalism, homeopathy, and so on. Any or all of these systems can bring relief from suffering and it is a question of finding a system which suits you and which suits the condition being treated. Obviously, if we break a leg or have a heart attack, we should go to the hospital. However, natural therapies can be used successfully and safely as a complement to orthodox medicine, which does indeed play a very important, and sometimes essential role in bringing improved health to the sick and suffering.

In certain chronic and less serious illnesses, spiritual healing may be used as a first resort, while orthodox medical treatments are often essential in acute or chronic cases. Just as mankind will eventually evolve out of the present materialistic conditioning into the greater freedom of higher truth, so too will science on this planet evolve from its present, limited state and the more advanced spiritual sciences will again take their rightful place.

The path of healing is not necessarily an easy one, but it is an exciting one. If we decide to take it then we will have ups and downs, but we will also be able to make great strides in our own personal unfoldment. There is so much literature today that tells us that we must learn to tune into ourselves, be kind to ourselves and to learn to do what we want. This has its place and it is at times essential for all spiritual aspirants to do this. Just as long as we are tuning into and expressing the correct self! By this I mean we have a lower self that wants us to be lazy, selfish and apathetic and we have a higher self that urges us towards perfection. We have to ensure we are tuning into our higher self. How can we tell which side of our natures is being expressed?

My Master's philosophy was that if there is an easy way to do something and a hard way, you should take the hard way. We have to learn to be kind to ourselves, but not to make excuses. Because through healing, we are trying to express more of our divinity and become a more enlightened person, we are breaking new ground; this is the harder route to take. Why should we bother to take it at all? Because the results we get are worth the effort. We gain fulfillment, joy, love, inspiration and all those positive things that are so much a part of our God-nature.

So how do we start on the healing path. First we should realize that it is no respecter of religious dogma. Everyone, whatever their religious beliefs, despite their faults and failings, despite their own physical health, can heal another person. The qualifications? A burning desire to do so; knowledge of the right technique and sufficient faith in one's own abilities. Knowledge and faith go hand in hand. The materialistic scientist learns so that he may believe, but the metaphysical scientist believes so that he may learn. It is by the latter approach that the great advances in science, medicine and the arts have been made.

I have been healing now for over twenty years and I have not regretted one day on this exciting path. For nearly fifteen years, I have been privileged to teach spiritual healing both in the U.K. and now in the U.S.A. where I live. I can honestly say that when people first realize that they are healers, it makes a profound difference to their lives. They gain tremendous confidence and inner strength just from this realization. Once they start to bring relief from suffering to others, their lives are changed for ever and I have not yet met a person who would go back to a life where healing does not exist. It is such a natural thing, that it just feels right.

If you are a healer already - may God bless all your healing efforts and may many miracles be yours. If you haven't yet realized that you are a healer, try it and see! All you can lose is the mundane!

©1998 "The Way Of Spiritual Healing" by Chrissie Blaze

Above excerpt from the manuscript : Making Miracles: Every Woman's Guide to Love, Healing and Spiritual Power" by Chrissie Blaze.©1998

Chrissie Blaze has been a student of metaphysics, astrology, and the psychic and spiritual sciences from a young age. She is actively involved with international metaphysical organization,
The Aetherius Society, where she was publicity officer for Europe until 1994 when she moved to Los Angeles to continue this role in the U.S.A. Blaze has lectured and broadcast extensively in these countries on metaphysics and the spiritual sciencies.

She believes that it is through practical spirituality, or service to others, that we can change our world for the better. Her ambition is to spread the path of healing as a common meeting ground for all races, ideologies and religions.Email :

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