'Yes' to all! All are welcome!

A sacred word for a sacred planet

THE HOLY WORD is for peace, balance and harmony for yourself and our world. For spiritual attainment and the gaining of wisdom and truth. It is time to resonate to the new conciousness. It is a time of gathering. Vibrate to the aquarian energies that are flowing into our planet today. In the privacy of your home become part of the 'internet ashram of spiritual reality'. The purpose is to unite, heal, educate, illuminate and nourish the soul on its journey back through the inner universe, the spiritual centre, the source. Prepare for the coming age. The age of oneness!

Tune in to the subtle energies around us all. The etheric, astral and spirit worlds. So much has been concealed from us. It is time to break the bonds of past limitation and resonate to spiritual actuality. It is a time of synthesis of all metaphysical and spiritual knowledge. Activate the spiritual seed within ... the divine God-child seed now. It is your cosmic right! These are momentous times of tremendous Spiritual Revelation! Before you go anywhere else repeat the following mantra 3 times ... close your eyes ... say it aloud ... then whisper it ... then think it!

Tune in to the Shiva-Christ startup practice

"Knowledge is inherent in Man. No knowledge comes from outside. It is all within! The whole secret is practicing. No one was ever really taught by another, each of us has to teach him or herself. The external teacher offers the suggestion which rouses the 'internal' teacher to work to understand things." - Swami Vivekananda

White Mirror Studio

Personalised Meditation art by Dave Davies

Aquarian Stanzas

An Aquarian Master - Dr. George King

Astrology for the Spiritual Change. By Michael R. Meyer

From Darkness To Light
  Extract from Chapter 10 of 'Merging With Siva' by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

Guardian of the Holy Temple on the Spiritual Planet
Healing Sanctuary - Send and receive Spiritual healing

Karma Yoga - By Rev. Ryugen Watanabe

Magic and The Occult
  Part I
  Part II
  Part III - 'The Middle Pillar' by Israel Regardie

Meditation ... and 'The Conspiracy of Distraction'
  Part I
  Part II

Prayer and Meditation - By Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Psychic Realms - 'Mysteries Of The Mind'. By Dr. Richard Lawrence

Purusha and the Spiritual Planet - CD Release by Crystal Radio

Raja Yoga - An extract by Swami Vivekananda
Meditation & Mantra - By David R.G.Davies

True Phenomena -
  Psychic event at Kinks concert by Dave Davies & Shirlie Roden
  Excerpt from Chapter 15 of Dave Davies' autobiography 'Kink'
  Paranormal experiences of Philip K. Dick
  Unfinished Business - Extract from 'The Meditation Plan' by Richard Lawrence

How To Send Spiritual Healing by Chrissie Balze

Spiritual and Psychic Readings given by Rev. Steve Hermann
Spiritual Expansion - Dave Davies

Spiritual Planet Forum - Post your views. Relate your experiences

Spiritual Planet.net presents 'The Spiritual Planet Interviews' - videos/movies

Qi Healing System   -  Gary Blaze

Through The Qi Healing System and its therapeutic manifestations, I provide a thorough, time-tested approach to good health, harmony and rejuvenation, which takes place in an environment of trust and openness, where the client can feel safe and relaxed.

Links & Credits - Other spiritual links Dave recommends on the web


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