A Prayer and Meditation by Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

"Silence is God's lover. In the silence you can hear the pounding of God's heart.

- Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

"We are Pleased and honored to have Ma's participation on our site! This Prayer and Meditation are essential practises in these troubled and difficult times. May God Bless You All! " - Dave Davies

Kashi, is a spiritual interfaith Ashram founded by Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati. Ma teaches that all paths followed with a pure heart, lead to the God within. At Kashi, both Eastern and Western traditions are embraced. Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism are central to the spiritual practices woven throughout this teaching. Ma offers darshans at Kashi and throughout the country. Her teaching includes Kali Yoga, the practice of honoring and doing puja to Mother Kali; Kundalini Yoga, the practice of raising spiritual energy or shakti; pranayama and breath meditation; Karma Yoga or Seva (service); and Bhakti Yoga, devotion to the Mother Goddess that dwells within all of us.


A Prayer For World Peace


I offer a prayer for world peace and for the unity of all religions.
I pray for all spiritual leaders to open their hearts and their doors to everyone in need and to those living with AIDS.
I pray that all people live their life fully no matter what their religion, race, creed, or sexual orientation.
I pray for all the children who go to bed hungry that they may be fed.
I pray for people of the world to be generous and to give freely.
I pray for every human being to live, as God wants them to, with open hands and unclenched fists.
Please, dear God, bless whoever is listening, whoever is hearing, whoever is reading these words to be generous with their time, generous with their love, and generous with their hearts.
May they serve another human being in the name of their God and know that God will always be with them.
I ask the Black Mother Kali to fulfill our destiny; to show us how to serve, care for the sick, the dying and those in need with open hearts.
Please Mother give us the strength to give all.
These are my pujas and these are my prayers.

Love Ma



When one meditates one does not escape from the world, but brings the world into their heart. The body, soul, and mind become one. The density of earth, the grossness of earth, melts into the fires of the Divine Mother. It is the Mother's heart, which one should meditate on. I offer this meditation from the bottom of my Mother's heart, the black Mother Kali, who dances Her dance of destruction in the cremation grounds of Her chelas, student's souls.

My prayer is that this meditation can ease your heart of pain, can take from you what you do not need and give back an emptiness that can only be filled with the yearning and desire for God.Whatever your religion, it does not matter. Whatever your path, it does not matter. All paths join at the heart of the Mother's River, the Ganga. I dedicate this meditation to all those who have lived, and fought, and cried, and cared for people with AIDS. I dedicate this meditation to those who have had this disease and have never become this disease. I dedicate my own life to the service of the all that are in need, the poor, the hungry, and the homeless. May God bless you all.

Bring your awareness to the base of your spine.
The River, the Ganga starts at the base of the spine.
Breathe in to a count of four.
Hold the breath for a count of sixteen and let the River flow out for to the count of eight.
Your whole life can change simply by bringing a great awareness, a focus to your breath.
The Mother, in the form of Kundalini Shakti, the serpent power of truth and service, begins to rise to the second chakra, the sexual organs.
Once again focus, this time in a deeper, more intense way, feel the heat rising with your focus. Let the River flow from the base of the spine up through the second chakra to the third chakra.
Breathe into the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus, the shakti drum of humankind to the count of four. Hold for the count of sixteen and feel the flow of the river, breathe out to the count of eight.

Keep focused on the breath and allow the dark Black Mother to embrace you close to her breast.
The River is flowing now in the form of Kundalini Serpent Power. She has risen from the first chakra, second chakra, and third chakra.
Allow her to enter into the place of the heart the 4th chakra, the heart space in the middle of the chest.
Breathe into your heart breathing in for a count of four.
Hold the breath for a count of sixteen and focus on your heart to the Breathe out for a count of eight, feeling the warmth, the whole of the River move through your chakras.
You breathe out the whole of the River. You breathe out all that is dark
and lonely within you and you bow within your own being, to your own being. Know you are perfect, as perfect as God has made you the day you were born.
Breathing in now, into the heart- for most of us a place of pain, a place of suffering.
Breathing in to the count of four. Holding it to the count of sixteen. Breathe out for a count of eight. Breathing out the River straight through your open, full heart.

Breathe in into the 5th chakra, the throat chakra- swallow to clear the passage. Breathe in to the count of four. Hold the breath. Merge with the Mother. Hold the breath to the count of sixteen. Breathe out to the count of eight. Focus on the words-God loves me, feel the throat expand as the breath leaves it. Follow the breath to the 6th chakra, the third eye, the Guru chakra, and breathe in for a count of four. Look up toward the eyebrows and see the light of Christ explode in your third eye. If thy eye be single thy body be filled with light. These are His words. Let it spread all around your head. Be calm as you focus. Hold the breath for sixteen. Breathe out through your chakras, Kundalini climbing, feel your third eye, feel a gentleness embrace you, feel a love surround you.
As you breathe in to the count of four right beneath the thousand- petaled lotus, the 7th chakra. Whatever your religion, whatever your race, your creed, know you are loved by the Mother.
Hold the breath for the count of sixteen. Breathe out for the count of eight.

Breathe in once again into the 7th Chakra, right beneath the thousand-petaled lotus. Hold it for again for a count of sixteen. And when you are ready, breathe out the brahmarandra, top of the head, to the count of eight. Feel a warmth surround your being. Feel love. This breath brings together your soul, your body and your mind.
Breathe in the top of the head, touching the third eye, move your awareness to the throat, and back to the fullness of the heart. Follow your awareness to the 3rd chakra, the shakti drum and then to the 2nd and finally to back to the base of the spine. And gently, very gently, loving you as God has intended you to, bring your awareness gently up the spine to the fourth chakra, right in the middle of the chest. Breathing in and breathing out simply say: Mother loves me.
This breath can change your life I bless you all with the sincerity of my heart.
May the Mother hold you always between her breasts.

Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

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