"Silence is the Equilibrium of Perfection. Harpocrates is the omniform, the Universal Key to every Mystery soever!
The God of Silence is called 'The Lord of Defence and Protection'. - Eliphas Levi

"Self-control is one of the first laws of the Inner Self" - W.E. Butler

Magic & The Occult - Part I

by David R.G. Davies

Every day we are creating magic, even as we sleep. We weave our energy with every thought, feeling, action and deed for the better, for the worse or neither! Imagine how potent we can become by enhancing our abilities by the disciplining of the mind will and imagination!

The occultist realises that 'everything' is Energy. That he or she is part of that 'all' and can affect it from within as well as without. However for simplification purposes and to give the student and investigator a starting point, we will cut to the chase and hopefully provide some helpful practical directions for getting started on the path.

1 - Stress, irregular breathing and mundane distractions are the main obstacles to the correct focus neccessary in the beginning. Some knowledge of yoga and mysticism is important. An acceptance and realisation that these various methods are inter-related and complimentary to one another is essential for the 'White Magician'. There is but one Truth , One All pervading source of Light. One God if you like! The only difference between white and black magic is 'Motive'. Black magic is usually motivated by 'selfish desire' pure selfishness and ego satisfaction. Lust for 'control' and power.

White magic is quite the opposite! The white magician's only motive should be that of help to ALL. It brings its own reward in time. Do not consciously look for results. Be lost in the work. The only selfish thought in your mind is to make sure that you become a 'Fortress of Light - Power- Spiritual Strength' so that you may be better equipped to help others and be sure to 'practise'! We cannot help others if we can't help ourselves. 'Practise' is the key in all these things.

2 - It also good to have a generally broad philosophical outlook and an understanding of the law of Karma and the realisation of the inter-connectedness of all things. Another quality prerequisite for magic work is the awareness and acceptance of different levels of existence. At least at first, the four main levels immediately connected to the physical. The etheric the astral , the mental and Spiritual!

Awareness of the auric field. The Chakras . These centres are nerve points, vortices in the etheric body and are closely linked to the spiritual channels in the higher bodies and to the glands and plexi of the physical. See recommended reading at end. In some ways the ritualistic practises of the Qabalist and Occultist are a lot safer for the western 'thinker' than some of the advanced Yogic techniques that in the past required the physical prescence of a guru.

Don't be put off by the posey grandeur of some of these systems. Yet it is obviously important to develop a strong mental attitude and sincere desire for knowledge .One of reverence and respect for the work, for the exercise to have any real effect or power! The emotions should always be tempered by 'Humility and Love'. The two most basic yet important 'Attributes' of the White Magician.

The Qabalist links to the subconscious and the subtle realms and explores the realm of depth psychology . These time honoured systems have immeasurable value and fulfill a mystical - astral heritage historically inherent in human-kind since Adamic man. The symbols and images presented are essential metaphysical 'clues' and 'keys' to our spiritual and unconscious make-up as a race. It is our Right to know and connect with this wisdom with these forces.

There is nothing new in the Universe. Sometimes it takes a very long time for 'Truth' to sink in. For the light to find a way through. Maybe many many lives. But we'll get there no matter how long it takes us. We have to rediscover our 'Real Selves'. Somehow! Let us prepare ourselves for work on the inner planes but remember, where 'LOVE' is absent Beware.

Israel Regardie the world reknowned writer, practitioner and exponent on the Occult , suggested that 'evokation' was a proccess parallel to psycho-analyst. A means of magical operation to 'dredge up' unconscious images and complexes and present them to the conscious mind in order to transmute or exorcise these very real and sometimes strange forces.

Regardie was more of a magician than a psycho-analysis. The 'art' of 'Magic' is vastly more powerful and far reaching.

The mind is a much weirder, multi-dimensional place than even Freud could have imagined.

Magic - Part II



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