"There is a skilled technique in the Mysteries by means of which the Rough Ashlar of character is polished into the Perfect Ashlar. In the stone this polishing is achieved firstly by the use of the chisel and mallet, knocking off the rough masses. This may be likened to life experience. Then follows the work of polishing - the steady friction which may be likened to the work of meditation.

In the Outer Court you are taught first how to acquire knowledge by meditation. In the Inner Court you begin to learn how to acquire power by meditation, and the first power you acquire is power over yourself, without which no other powers can be handled. This is your fulcrum. You are not taught how to acquire power over yourself until you have gained the knowledge which teaches you how to use that power over yourself rightly - not doing violence to your known nature nor yet setting up a deformity or unbalance within it. You must understand life in all its aspects before you are competent to apply power to your own nature.

"First, then realise that your being is divided into two parts - the Higher Self and the Lower Self. The Higher Self building around the nucleus of the Divine Spark evolving throughout evolution. The Lower Self building around the nucleus of the basic angle in the Triangle of the Higher Self - the unit of incarnation." - by Dion Fortune

Magic & The Occult - Part II

by David R.G. Davies

Correct breathing helps concentration and the clearing of the mind. Find a suitable quiet place to practise free from the ebb and flow and turmoil of everyday life. Some practical ablities in meditation are useful in the begining. Also the study of the Qabalah is essentail. While there are many books on the subject apart from Regardies extensive works on the subject, a tremendous book I would also recommend is 'The Mystical Qabalah' by Dion Fortune. It is neccessary to familiarise yourself with the various aspects of 'The Mystical Tree of Life'.

The fundamental purpose of the intial practises of The Qabalistic Cross and the Lesser banishing ritual practices which I will describe are essentially to psychically cleanse the place of worship, of meditation and of occult work. To try and harmonise the vibrations of the aura. As well as act as a preliminary device to test the psyche, to make sure it can weather the forces of Spiritual Contact!

Apart from being crucial keys to psychic operation, the Qabalistic cross and Lesser Pentagram rituals act together as astral-etheric purifiers, refining the psyche of the operator.

The words should be announced with intensity. It is a worthwhile tip to to lower the natural voice a tone or so to give the words a more dramatic flavour and a different feeling from normal everyday speech. Also the practioner must learn to direct his or her thoughts and conscioussness to the area where the intonation is directed for maximum effect. Remember that Will + Imagination + Thought effects the etheric and astral energies. The entities and forces that are called upon in invokation are defintely real on one level or another and form part of an astral linkage with the mythylogical paradigms that form the makeup of our subconscious mind and our 'space conscioussness' which is not held in the same sense time-frame as our physical dimension. We have to accept that the 'soul' is capable of operating far beyond our consciouss awareness and is not locked in 'any' measureable space. Feeling is the key. It is your psychic antenna if you like, your channel of work and recognition. Everthying is felt, sensed and seen in the 'Mirror of Astral Light'.

Traditionally the occultist would have certain ceremonial aids. A dagger a certain robe etc. (This we will cover later.) For the time being we should remember that these 'tools' are used as props, symbols or regalia for the real work. The work is done in the astral world when the soul has become a 'light', a beacon radiating energy into the other realms which in turn effects the physical. The Temple is in the the mind aswell as in the astral world.

While sitting upright with the spine erect. Use the 3/4 breathing. Inhale through nostrils slowly 1-2-3 . Hold for 1 second. On the fourth count breathe out through mouth , 1-2-3-4 pause. Then repeat 5 times. After a short while of contemplation and mental preparation. Stand and perform the next practice.

The Qabalistic Cross & The Lesser Banishing Pentagram Ritual

The Qabalistic Cross

Facing east with the left arm placed at the side raise the right hand above the head bring down the palm and gently touch the forehead recite aloud 'ATOH' (thou art). Visualise a shaft of white light coming down from crown centre (Kether) radiating down to the feet. Bring down the hand and touch the chest and say ... ' MALKUTH' (the Kingdom) pronounced 'malkooth'. Touch the left shoulder and say ... 'Ve Gedulah' (and the Glory) pronounced 'gedoolar'. Then touch the right shoulder and say ...'Ve Geburah' (and the power) pronounced 'Gedvoora.' Clasp hands together on breast and say ... 'Le Olahim Amen' (Forever God) pronounced 'Olaheem'. You may sustitute Aum for Amen. It is important to visualise and direct potent shafts of white light to each center with each direction given. This raises the mind to contemplate on higher things.

Lesser Banishing Pentagram

1 - With fingers of the right hand pointing outstretched. Using the index and middle finger (the blessing mudra (See Pic 2) or ceremonial dagger still facing east trace the banishing earth pentagram in the air and ethers.

Begin with right hand at the left hip. Raise the right arm. Extend it drawing the first side of the pentagram finishing approximatley at arms length just above the center of the forehead ... then continue. (See Pic 3). When finished, stab in the center of pentagram and vibrate the word ... 'YHVH' ... pronounced 'Yod-heh-ved-heh'. (It is called 'Tetragrammaton'. Ineffable name of God. Also attributed to the four worlds of the Qabalah.)

2 - Move to the south and trace another pentagram. In a similar fashion again stab with fingers in center and vibrate the word 'Adonai' (means 'Lord').

3 - Turn to the west and trace another pentagram and this time vibrate the word "Eheyeh" pronounced 'E-he-yee'. (means 'I am')

4 - Turn to the north, repeat exercise and vibrate the word 'Ah-ge-lah'. (Thou art forever great O Lord!)

5 - Return to the east. Stretch out the arms in the sign of the cross. With all the power of the will and imagination Invoke the Holy Archangels ... "Before me Raphael. Behind me Gabriel. On my right hand Michael. On my left hand Uriel. About me flames the pentagrams. (visualise in brilliant white light) Behind me shines the six rayed star."

Repeat Qabalistic Cross. Direct with the imagination pure white shafts of light joining each respective centre as the practise progresses. As you stab the center of each Pentagram visualize a blue white flame projecting from your finger tips drawing eventually a complete circle around you. As the names of the Archangels are pronounced visualise ... Raphael - robed in yellow, hair moving in the wind, feel a cool breeze. Gabriel - robed in blue with a stream or the sea at his feet. Michael - robed in red standing on parched earth radiating heat.Uriel - robed in dark orange/olive and black, standing in a rich wheatfield.

Practice on a regular basis daily for two months or so, to gain real fluidity to the ritual. If practiced properly, eventually one will sense marked and noticiable effects in the subtle realms.

Every cell and molecule on the physical, etheric, astral, mental plane is effected by this ritual! This is the foundation and basic groundwork for work on the inner planes for the Magician!

Before we move on to Part III where we will discover and learn about a great 'balancing' ritual practice and essential teaching called 'The Middle Pillar', I would like to offer the following quote from that wonderful mystic and occultist W.E.Butler, words to contemplate on ...

"So we serve God, we serve our fellow man, and we serve ourselves, and the proportion in which we do those things determines whether we are on the right-hand path or the left-hand path. You know that is again such a false dichotomy. There are those on the right-hand path who are Lords of Wisdom and Love, and those on the left-hand path who are Lords of Hatred, and of Separation. But in between is a vast body of us all who are simply grey - some a nice pearly irridescent shade of grey, and some are a rather gloomy kind of grey, and some - that the angel of Revelation in Apocalypse spoke about - lukewarm, neither one thing nor the other. And the angel said, 'Because thou art lukewarm I will spew thee out of my mouth.' What he means is, I've got no room for you. If you're lukewarm you'll get nowhere, and if you go into magic in the spirit of the atheist who was dying and who said, 'O God (if there is a God), save my soul (if I've got a soul)' then you won't get very far. You have to have dedication in magic, just as you have to have dedication in esoteric science. And you must have some guiding line to start with."

Recommended reading ...

'The Mystical Qabalah' by Dion Fortune.

'The Golden Dawn and the Middle Pillar' by Israel Regardie

Magic Part III - 'The Middle Pillar' by Israel Regardie



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