by David R.G. Davies

Issues of Global importance stare us in the face. Or rather glare at us all powerfully in the face. Full frontal naked change. Bums bellies and bosoms galore! Politicians regrouping for the coming of the new millennium dressing up that tough old mutton as lamb yet again , but it could be worse it could be beef!

Politicians, big businesses, banks, the wealthy hanging in there and on to property and rules of a modern society. Backed by social and economic policies that on the surface allude to serving the people and the individual, but in truth continue to provide smoke-screens for out-moded concepts. Systems that stimulate the baser instincts. Selfishness, jealousy, avarice, pettiness, emotional and mental distractions of all kinds, cluttering up our evolution. Systems that are out of step with reality and with the emotional and spiritual needs of people at large.

No one is telling us what's 'really' going on. If we get rich enough will we be able to bury ourselves with our wealth on an island somewhere. Hiding from the karmic waves that are about to hit us all! Karma IS! No one living on Earth is free of it or can live outside of it! The planet Earth is a planet of karma and service! In spite of our advancement in technology, which should aid us in our global fight for survival. It is also being manipulated by power-mongers. Misuse of power brings its own inevitable karmic load!

How long must we continue to feed the monster 'greed', as it pulls us all headlong blindly, unthinking and insatiably into a 'spiritual black hole', despite the desperate need of the human condition.

The great Vivekananda said ... "The rich understand truth much less than poor people. The rich man has no time to think of anything beyond his wealth and power, his comforts and indulgences. I do not trust the person who does not weep. They have a big block of granite where their heart should be. Therefore knowing what prosperity means and what happiness means, one should give up these and seek to know the truth and truth alone"

Life is hard ... but truth is harder. We must have the courage of warriors to save ourselves. Our souls. The strength of severity when necessary yet the sensitivity of mercy at all times! All action should be tempered with Grace and Mercy!

Society is on the run. Modern civilization as we knew it is falling apart. As conspiracy theories pile up and up. As inflation inflates, deflating peoples hopes and dreams in the process. Maya the grand illusion spits and farts. The whore of Babylon dances provocatively waving her fat arse in yer face man! We are dying greed and selfishness is killing us!

God what an exciting time to be alive. An age to live in and it's going to get better believe me. However much I would like to think otherwise, the great deception is reaching its final act. No curtain calls please.

A great man once said ... "That the greatest gift that one person can impart to another is truth". While we conjure up schemes to outwit our fellow man. To carve up and manipulate the people around us driven on aimlessly by the 'ego'. Living up to the false expectations of these systems, we are constantly going to be living in the old world. Clinging on to the old world of ëego consciousnessí. Nothing is ever going to change. Me Me Me Me!!! We need to awaken 'soul consciousness'. Awareness of 'Individualism in Unity'.

In fact everything is going to change. But if we do not awaken to the sirens that are ringing in our ears, the sirens shrieking through the ethers from the stars, the heavens, the future from the new consciousness of the 'not self' the 'all self', many of us will fall helplessly into the mouth of the cutter as it sorts through the wheat!.

My past was my past and I am extremely thankful for it. But we must all move on. My life and energies are now firmly focused on the millennium change. As we all should be! Don't ya think? We have to try in some way to prepare ourselves for the momentous influx of spiritual and psychic energy that is breaking through. But how do prepare for something we don't understand? Well to begin with we have to remove all notions from our mind that we wont understand to start with.

Believe that there are forces operating around us at this time that are stimulating us into action, guiding and helping. The karmic rule is ... we must take the first steps! We are coming to the end of the Guru age. The quest now is towards 'spiritual self-reliance', alerting the spiritual warrior within. And a time of 'spiritual linking' of groups. The end of the control freak is nigh!

We somehow have to reverse the 'programming'. Many of us have been brainwashed since childhood. Most of us from 'lives' before. We can do this, we mustn't do that, what would people say or think. You cant do that, you can do this! We have to reprogram or rather de-program ourselves to allow us to be able to do whatever we want! Open our hearts and minds to the limitless possibilities that really do exist. The sky's the limit.

I continue to speak of these 'etheric energies'. Energies that the ancient Yogis have been talking about for centuries. It is my belief that knowledge can be obtained about this dimension purely by releasing your 'mind and imagination to it.'

Fear is the trap of negative forces or so called evil. Forces that we won't go into just yet! But forces that we cannot ignore and that are obviously prevalent in and 'within' the world. Certain of these less scrupulous forces are fanatically jealous of our Divine nature, our true spiritual potential. Some are powerful black magicians that can sense the future and the inevitable 'cosmic outcome' and do not like it! They don't understand the true concept of 'oneness'. That one can be 'a detached Individual soul within the cosmic whole'. This indeed is a lesson for our age. Younger souls are being born with this knowledge already operating within them. We must be careful how we deal with some of these children.

Some lesser angels as it were, actually care about our evolution but wish us to sleep through the change!

Rudolph Steiner whom I believe had incredible insight into the workings of the spirit-world and other realms said that ... "the Ahrimanic beings too are working to obscure normal spiritual evolution. They are not at pains to make man particularly spiritual, but rather to kill out in him the consciousness of his own spirituality. They endeavor to instill into mankind the conviction that we are nothing but a completely developed animal. Ahriman is in truth the teacher par excellence of materialistic Darwinism."

There are forces interfering with our natural progress in a variety of ways. In order for some of these beings to get back to their proper place on the ladder of 'spiritual evolution', it will require them taking on a great heaping of karma and they will try and wiggle out of it at all cost! One day they will have to face the music and they know time is short. That is the way of the planet and the karmic forces that bind our existence in this system.

We are experiencing an incredible quickening of karmic energies at this time and I guess weíll just have to endure these forces and whatever presents itself to us. Conditions that, in the main, we have precipitated. But it has not been wholly our own fault. (It is my opinion that we have been manipulated and interfered with! Again another discussion for another time!) A past asserting itself as 'energy' as pressure' in the present.

Absorb, endure and face the difficult time so that we can open our souls to the 'new consciousness' of the Aquarian era which is already here trying to break through. Our souls like budding flowers catching the first glimpse of light from the sun after a long gestation period in the darkness of the soil . Now seeing the brilliance of the sun for the first time, but it was already there. We didnít suddenly make the sun a reality merely by seeing it for the first time. By us simply opening our eyes. The light was there long before we were .

We have to start 'believing' in the future. Belief is a great magical key. As is humility. Humility is like a great magnet that draws the universal life force towards you! All the basic tools for creating or dismantling our 'sense' of consciousness of anything , of the universe even is within us. We do not need to look any further than within ourselves to find all the equipment for survival in the new millennium. The new consciousness is being born out of 'spiritual self-reliance' and the linking of 'soul to soul'. We are our own teacher-warriors, but we have to start listening to the inner guru with different ears. We have to tune into, resonate to centres within ourselves, so that we can focus more easily on this spiritual world.

The oppression, fear, hatred and political manipulation in the world are the death pangs of the old Saturnian vibration. Old world thought the old consciousness.

A lot of what is going on around us is still finding stimulus from old energy that is really just residue in the ethers. The vibrations of mind substance that is already there in the mind belt. Sometimes these can be difficult forces to shake off. We can transmute these force with the 'magical light' of understanding of imagination. The utilization of will and concentration. The basic tools of meditation.

This new consciousness is also what I believe is connected to and related to the 'Christ' consciousness. Now making its power felt in the world through the hearts and minds of certain people who are reorientating themselves to this etheric force/presence. The beginning of the change is being felt through the union of the Christ and Buddhic faculty in the higher mind. The higher consciousness. It will funnel its force down through the subtle bodies and into our physical reality. Spiritual knowledge through 'etheric intuitive-magnetism'.

The creaking back of materialism is loosing its grip. Clinging on to values that have no longer relevance in our lives. We will not be controlled. Organised religion and politics have had their day. It is our world and especially for the new children being born. Have you looked into the faces of some of these new souls being born on the planet, the ones who are not starving to death I mean? Really looked into the faces of these? We should worship these souls, not be ready to brainwash them at a moment's notice as soon as they pop their heads out. As soon as we get the chance.

They have the potential to be 'spiritual pioneers', laying the seeds for future generations. For our future lives of rebirth on this planet. Heaven on Earth lies in the heart and mind and souls of the 'new ones' being born now! Change your mind. They know more than we do! We used to know but we have had it kicked out of us!

I feel that there is something truly magnificent waiting for us all on the horizon. We really have to put our lives into some kind of spiritual order. The Age of Spiritual reality is upon us. The spiritual revolution has begun.

As for the hardened cynics amongst us who are still waving frantically the flag of 'conscious reason, intellectual logic and pure scientific thought' All you have to do is 'change your mind'! Science with imagination is an important aspect of the Aquarian mental principle. Happily, science is at last beginning to embrace mysticism.

Meditation forms such an important part of peoples lives these days, that it is impossible to ignore its value in our lives and what part it can play in our future.

We are living someone else's future today. Lets create a future for ourselves and our children that we want, that we believe in. A future for us that can be truly worthwhile. A Heaven on Earth if you like. And why not! Everything around us from the bread we eat to the car we drive and house we live in is a product of some ones imagination. Imagination forms the foundation of meditation and magic. Let's imagine being a world full of PEACE TRUTH and LOVE. Just for a change hey. Just for the fun of it!

Everyone can meditate ... children, even certain animals and it is our cosmic right to do so and it works if done properly. It can change the way we feel, our outlook, even the cellular structure of our bodies. Maybe it can change tomorrow!

Continued on Meditation Part 2

Extracts from manuscript ... 'The Conspiracy Of Distraction' by David R.G. Davies

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