by David R.G. Davies

The need to meditate is so important to us now more than ever. Our guides and spiritual mentors know of the deep value of such practices. It is my view that a person should develop their own system of meditation, stylised for the individual. But I would like to suggest a few practices that will help to 'start up'.

If you only want to learn how to meditate in order to help you become more successful, become rich or famous, then all that I can say is that is a really small ambition, from a spiritual standpoint. Selfishness cannot form a basis of true spiritual work or practice. We really do have to scrutinise and examine our true motives when dealing with mysticism and metaphysics. Motive is everything in any mystical and occult ritual. Always question your ëtrueí motive. Self-criticism and self-analysis is of tremendous importance but don't torture yourself, use common sense.

In 'Raja Yoga', Vivekananda says that a true Apta (an inspired and attained mystic) does not 'sell' his knowledge. "He must give something that we cannot get from our senses and which is of the benefit of the world." In a practical world we all have to eat and live somewhere; these are obviously quite modest and practical concessions in this crazy greedy world we call modern civilisation. Vivekananda says ... "Discard all that weakens you. Mystery-mongering weakens the brain"

'Truth' is your cosmic legacy. Your Spiritual right. It was yours anyway. Why spend money on something which is free or something that you part own anyway The ancient Yogis say... When the time is right you will know. It is a natural cosmic process a ëtruthí that is hidden from no-one. The only problem is, is that you can't have it now! Work pays for progress. It is an intrinsic part of nature itself, a natural function , cosmic and Earthly. The best kept secret in the West is ... 'You are God', 'You are Divine' ... All you need to know is within you. I bow to the Divinity that is within.

When Meditating. Always find time to practice and practice somewhere quiet and on your own and try and practice at the same regular time if you can. (Group meditation is another thing.) First things first. We want to get resonating first.

We have to stop thinking about the things we can't do and start BELIEVING in the things WE can do. DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU YOU'RE STUPID OR CRAZY. The only crazy thing in your mind is unhappiness, fear and ignorance. BE GONE. Believe me I know what it is like. The object is 'you'. You are what you want to find or heal or draw or pull together. To repair that broken piece of jigsaw. Or even put the whole jigsaw together. An object of inspiration - devotional or spiritual - may be is necessary in the beginning. Any object that means something sacred or profoundly elevating to you. Even if you cannot even force yourself to even mildly believe in a religious or spiritual deity or symbol such as ... The Master Jesus, Buddha, The many Hindu deities, The Aum, The Star of David or Allah. God, Supreme Being. Then use an object of light. Such as a picture of the sun on the horizon. Or a bright star in the heavens . Believe me it's better than just sitting in the dark. Sirius is a wonderful object of thought and meditation; its emanations are powerful and transforming.

When I first started to meditate I made up a small altar on the floor of a spare room in the house. I used a small wooden cross and a small framed picture depicting the Master Jesus and a small bronze Buddha. The Master Jesus is a great focus of meditation as his vibrations are relatively easy to tune into at first. His Etheric presence is very strong today. The cross represents the spiritual transmigration of the soul into higher and finer matter. It is symbolic of the Master's resurrection into his ascended body and symbolic of our own spiritual resurrection and spiritual emancipation. Please do not associate the sign of the cross solely with the awful torture and death of Jesus. Sometimes I feel quite sick when I see crosses in Churches with some poor guy impaled on it . However there is a deep occult significance and power associated with and behind the cross and crucifix. The cross has been a holy symbol since ancient Egyptian times.

It is also a symbol of spiritual promise which indicates to the student a way a path through growth, maturity, of aspiration and the eventual fulfilment of our spiritual potential. We shouldnít feel put off by these vibrations. We could even look upon meditation at first like doing a little inner redecorating. Sometimes our home needs a little sprucing up now and again. The picture of aunt Vi on the mantelpiece doesn't have to go, neither does the old Kinks records or new ones come to that. But the eventual wear and tear of everyday life does take its toll. Cracks appear in the walls and on the ceiling the wallpaper begins to fade and even the ducks on the wall start to loose a little of their charm. So sometimes a little refurbishment is required. Make good here and there. It is not a demolition job that is always needed! Although complete cyborg replacement still wouldn't do the trick for some people I can think of.

However... we mustn't be thwarted by things we 'think' we do not understand, that's just a conditioning from school and society and other peoples bull-shit. The subconscious knows and understands. Just say to yourself. My subconscious knows. It will reveal these things to me in good time. Meditation is also a way to tap into the 'subconscious mind'.

Today we still have so much spiritual catching up to do. But even realising that, how does that help us feed a starving child? You can study under a certain Guru in India and after ten years may be able to actually walk on water! But how does that help someone who is unhappy, sad, lonely, isolated and desolate. Hungry?!

I love what Gandhi said ... "To a starving man God is bread." In all these things we really do have to use our 'common sense'. It is wonderful to have the technology that sends a space probe to the outer Galaxy, but surely it is also wonderful to be able show real and genuine KINDNESS and TRUE LOVE to another life form ... another human being. It is a cliché but it is 'true love' that is the answer. True love and a one pointed devotion to truth is the fuel that will rocket us to the farthest corners of the spiritual and physical universe without us having to even leave our back yard.

Having decided on an object of devotion or spiritual inspiration if you like, or even purely a mental visualisation of your own, we should now sit down and concentrate on our breathing. Breathing exercises are crucial. Meditation without breathing control is like a sandwich without the bread. An easy breathing exercise is this. The whole practice of breathing, of pranayama is a science all of its own. But to begin with this is an easy and comfortable exercise to do.


The breathing. Inhale slowly through both nostrils on a slow count of three. One and two and three and hold the breath for one second then exhale slowly to a similar rhythm of one and two and three and four and rest for a second before repeating. Make sure all of the air is dispelled. This should be done for about five rounds in the beginning then after about two weeks ten . You can count the rounds on the fingers. Please modify the time and the amount of counts as you feel it. This is only a guide line. You should feel comfortable. After the breathing relax for a minute or two before moving on . If you must think of something then ponder over positive qualities in order to build yourself up. This simple exercise also stills the ëheartí.

Apart from relaxing the mind and body it creates a gentle feeling of readiness. Fill your thoughts with strength on every breath. Tell your mind and body it is strong Have hope and expectation in yourself. You are special! You have a purpose! You are DIVINE! The mind is intimately connected to the body. The more we practice the more we find this to be a reality. It is important to experience truth first hand. We must somehow put out of our mind the worry of whether this is going to work. Don't concern yourself with results. Just believe things will work out. There are many metaphysical computations at work. Always remember ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT . The more concentrated your thought and focused your feelings, the more effective the outcome.

EXERCISE B (A and B should be done together at first.)

With the eyes gently closed. Don't screw up your face. Always keep the face and body, neck and shoulders alert but relaxed. There must be no tension whatsoever. Create a feeling of quiet and calm expectation in the mind. Sit for some time and just let the mind run. If you need an imaginary point of attention, then in a very relaxed way focus on a point about six inches in front of your forehead as if slightly looking up at about a 45 degrees angle. Try to sit back as it were and watch what is going on . It's a bit like watching television. You are involved but at the same time detached.

The mind will bubble up all the time with all kinds of thoughts about this and that. Did I put the cat out? That guy in that traffic jam was a right so and so! I should really be doing something else. Damn I forgot to phone Tom about whatever. All kinds of things will pop in the mind. Just let them. Just pat them on the head and acknowledge them but leave them to one side. There is no need to analyse them. There is no need to deal with them. This time is just for you to sit and observe. Sit with the back straight with the head slightly up and the hands faced flat down just behind the knees. All kinds of weird and wonderful things will come to mind. Just let them come and go and don't try and stop them. Give the mind rein. Some really horrible thoughts may crop up, but be unaffected by them. Just observe. For about ten minutes a day preferably at the same time do this in a quiet place and eventually the thoughts, voices and images will become less and less violent or troublesome. But we must be patient. If practiced diligently and properly over a period of time you start to gain control over these thoughts. Rome wasnít built in a day! It is tremendous work. Perseverance will bring results. In the beginning treat it as fun. If you find spots in the process where there is nothing ... just quiet or stillness or peaceful feelings, then try to hold on to those feelings and sensations for a little time. Fill your being with them but don't struggle to do so. Let all others come and go as they please. Just let it happen. After about 5 to 10 minutes open your eyes and relax. Arrange a length of time to practice that suits you. 5 minutes can seem a long time at first but be patient. 10 minutes is better.


The 3rd Exercise. These three exercises can and should be used together as a Start-Up practice. The heart flame. Sit quietly and still, with the spine erect. Visualise a space in your heart, in the midst of this space imagine a flame burning like the flame of a candle. Think of this flame as your own soul. Inside that flame is another brilliant effulgent light and that is the soul of your soul. God. Meditate upon this, in your heart. After 5 to 10 minutes stop. Offer a prayer of thanks. Ask for guidance and protection, then end.

to be continued ...

Extracts from manuscript ... 'The Conspiracy Of Distraction' by David R.G. Davies

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