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A series of video extracts where Dave talks openly about his life, music, art and his broad metaphysical interests. Including conversations and interviews with leading Spiritual teachers from all over the planet. Metaphysical researchers and seekers of Truth from all areas of the Spiritual community.

Dave Davies

'The Spiritual Planet interviews'

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Part 1: Spiritual Influemces, Sisters, Growing Up!

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with music by 'Crystal Radio'

(extracts from'Purusha and the Spiritual Planet')

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"It's no great surprise to see Dave, who many know as the power-chord master and inspiration behind the Kinks Rock band and the original wild boy of Rock at the cutting edge of today's Spiritual change. Dave was born during a potent conjunction of the Sun (symbolizing one's center of integration), Mars (representing dynamic, outward action) and Mercury (the quick planet of the mind and communication) in Aquarius, with the cluster opposing Pluto in Leo. The powerful configuration is an apt signature for the aggressive, straight-forward guitar sound Dave created in the early Kinks recordings; birth cries of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

It also symbolizes his intense, determined and entirely positive approach to the impending spiritual change. Indeed, spiritual change, the power of affirmation and an urgent need for personal and social transformation are the driving forces behind Dave's solo work. In his musical work, 'BUG', 'Transformation,' 'KINKED', 'Glamour', AFL1-3603, 'Chosen People' and in 'Kink' his autobiography, Dave reveals himself as a force in the Spiritual/metaphysical community reminiscent of the traditions of the likes of H. P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Dion Fortune. Swami Vivekananda and Dr. George King, his personal teacher.

It is difficult to know what to call Dave Davies; as always, he defies labels. Perhaps he will be best known as an exemplar of his generation. Over the years, Dave has consistently reminded me of the ancient Hindu Raja Star ; the brilliant "royal star," the finest of them all. But we on earth never see the Raja Star because it is constantly eclipsed by huge Jupiter, symbol of social authority, tradition, and power. But the pure at heart can see through the Jupiterian mass, and recognize themselves in the Raja Star's light."

- Michael R.Meyer




"If you use a dream to change a mind . Then imaginations real. Think with your Heart and you will see. Imaginations Real."

'Imaginations Real' by Dave Davies, 1980___________________________


Middle Pillar Excercise- Meditation Yoga by Israel Regardie

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