Excerpt from chapter 15 - Kink - By Dave Davies

Nineteen-eighty-two proved to be one of the most extraordinary years of my life. What follows is an account of an episode that totally changed me in every way. The events that I will endeavour to recount to the best of my ability are - whether believed or not - absolutely true. All that I can expect of the reader is to try to keep an open mind and not be too eager to judge or jump to any erroneous conclusions. What I am about to describe left a deep and profound impression on my soul, the implications of which I am still - some fourteen or more years later - trying to come to terms with.

It was 13 January. The tour was barely two or three days old. We had already performed at the Syracuse War Memorial and the Meadowlands in New Jersey. The aircraft lunged to a halt, nudging me from my drowsiness, then taxied and bumped its way along the tarmac towards the arrival gate. We had arrived at Richmond Airport, Virginia. I had felt strange all morning, distant, detached, as if observing my surroundings from afar. Nancy and I picked up our bags as cheery flight attendants escorted us from the plane. I wondered if I was feeling odd because I was still suffering from jet-lag from the flight over from England, and thought no more of it.

After we had checked into the Sheraton Hotel in Hampton Row we had three or four hours to relax before the sound check. We were to play that night at the Coliseum. The suitcases promptly arrived and Nancy and I started to unpack. As I began sorting through my things the most astonishing thing happened. It was around 1.30 p.m. I looked up, startled by a sudden pressure in and around my head. It felt as if an invisible metal band or something had suddenly attached itself to my forehead and was pressing in on me. After a few moments it subsided, giving way to the strangest sensation that my whole head was expanding. Then it started again. It was as if some kind of psychic switch had somehow been turned on inside my head. Momentarily dazed, I tried to collect myself.

All of a sudden I began hearing these strange voices talking to me, in clear and unmistakable tones. Their voices were authori tative but warm and strangely comforting, which lessened my initial alarm. This was unlike anything I had experienced before. They felt as if they were a little distance above my head; that's how I perceived it at the time. For all I knew they could have been operating from thousands of miles away. I couldn't see them but I could hear them and, more importantly, I could feel them and smell them. There were five distinct intelligences and each one gave off his or its own particular odour. It felt as if they were all male, but it is possible they may not all have been. The smells were very stimulating and deep, extremely pleasant and uplifting, and after a while I was able to distinguish one entity from another by its smell. Smells that I cannot begin to describe, like exotic flowers, jasmine, but deeper, magnolia, but so full it was as if you could taste them, touch them.

After my initial shock had subsided, I became acutely aware of my surroundings. Everything looked slightly different, as if there was a fine and delicate layer or web of matter over everything in the room. I could feel my thoughts and senses reorienting so that I could more easily determine what 'they' were saying and doing. These intelligences communicated by pure energy and, most interestingly of all, by smell and sound. They used the vibration of 'scent' or smell as a vehicle to convey various types of energy, of information. In between thought as we know it there is other information that is not readily assimilated by the conscious mind, but more through feeling. They were gently gaining control over my consciousness, but without actually tampering with my own ideas or thoughts.

I looked over at Nancy. She looked back and smiled as if everything was normal. Obviously she didn't know what was going on. I tried to explain to her what was happening, but the intelligences would only let me explain a little part of it. To my great relief she readily accepted everything I told her. Her unswaying faith and trust became of paramount importance over the days that followed. 'They' showed me many things.

Sometimes they projected an energy into my head that translated into words via a centre in my brain, similar to radio waves, sometimes the information seemed to come at me at such an incredible speed it was difficult to absorb.

I was now enveloped in some kind of mysterious telepathic rapture with these beings. I became agitated and started to panic. I called to Nancy to come and sit near me on the end of the bed.
'What's going on?' I said. 'How am I going to be able to function, do shows? What the hell do I tell people? Oh God, now I really am going mad.'

I held her hand and said that under no circumstances should she leave me alone. Just as I thought I would fall into an un controllable panic, a warm and comforting fragrance enveloped me, calmed me. I felt renewed, confident, clear, and emotionally full. I was overcome with an incomprehensible joy. I was so happy.

Nancy could neither see nor hear what was happening. She told me that although I seemed the same outwardly, she could feel an unmistakable presence that convinced her that what was happening was real. If she hadn't been there, I don't know what I would have done.

The intelligences took complete control of my being. They showed me a hidden side of life, a view of a world within a world. My lower abdomen became numb and although I was able to walk around normally, I seemed to lack sensation there. They told me that I was not to have sex, the reason being that part of what was happening to me was due to the fact that they were manipulating latent forces in my body. In other words, they were transmuting sexual energy on to a higher vibrational level, enhancing consciousness.

The intelligences did not tell me who they were, but two of them said they had always been my spirit guides, and two others were entities that were not of this earth but were involved in missions here as watchers and nurturers of our race. The other intelligence was the projected consciousness of a man living in a physical body on earth. They communicated many things to me, most of which I have only just begun to assimilate now.

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