Spiritual and Psychic Readings given by Rev. Steve Hermann

Highly acclaimed for his detailed and accurate mediumship, the Rev. Steve Hermann has lectured, demonstrated his mediumship, and taught classes and workshops internationally. A featured personality on television and radio worldwide, his mediumship has been documented by the Associated Press as well as other news media. He holds credentials as an ordained minister, certified medium and teacher with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches. A member of the International Spiritualist Federation, he is Director of the Sanctuary for Spiritual Healing in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

The Rev. Steve Hermann will be offering counseling and advice regarding all psychic and spiritual matters over the net via The Spiritual Planet website. Steve, Spiritualist Medium and a personal friend of Dave will answer questions on Life after Death, on the Loss of loved ones and friends and give practical advice on psychic development.

Please forward all questions to steveradhe@juno.com. It is important that you include a valid e-mail address as well as full name. This will aid Steve when tuning in to Spirit.

All information will be handled confidentially unless you would like your questions and answers posted on our Communication Board below so that this may help others with similar concerns and interests.

Please forward all questions to steveradhe@juno.com
It is important that you include a valid e-mail address as well as full name.
This will aid Steve when tuning in to Spirit.

Negative Energy? - Date: Mon, Jan 8, 2001

Spirit Guides? - Date: Fri, Jan 19, 2001

animal spirit guides - Date: Feb 2, 2001


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MP3 - Temple of the Soul: Personal Release and Purification

MP3 - Sanctuary of LIght: A Healing Journey

Experience a wonderful guided Meditation exercise programme led by Rev Steve Hermann with music by master sound healer, Sarah Benson that will heal and uplift you.

Onset Wigwam Spiritualist Camp, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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