Startup practice

The vibrations entering our system and radiating from within it are so powerful at the moment . That the only sure way to begin to respond, is to open and stimulate the forces latent in the Heart center, heart chakra. 'Etheric-Spiritual Forces' must be utilized by the mind and will together with this center, in order to 'Transmute' world conditions from within as well as without. Those of us that lived in Atlantis as Magicians, must now reactivate the latent ancient magical tendencies. Knowledge buried by layers of Karmic weaving, that cover and inhibit the soul must somehow be removed. We must reawaken these attributes and harness them in a 'purer' way than before, in order to aid in the 'transmutation' of all matter.

'Belief' is the first key. The key to shatter the initial 'shell' of illusion. Eradicate 'doubt'. It is an illusion. Doubt is a weakness of mind. Inherited through lives of 'inaction'. Subtle forces conspired to isolate us. Playing on our own fallibility's and frailties. It 'is' necessary to 'act' on these thoughts!

In an infinite Universe, everything you can think of is possible! Beyond the farthest stretches of imagination lies more reality than you can possibly know! There is no more time. No time to intellectualize ... to analyze. Absorb the vibrations of the Karmic quickening. Just realize and harmonize. Resonate to the New Consciousness.

The vibrations of Saturn are waning. The Karmic Lords exact pressures of transformation ... but many still hang on. Those in the money houses will be cast out into the streets for the second time. Those lost in the Taurean age. Worshipping still, the Golden calf in the desert.

The Gods and the Devic realms will react to your lead. Many Angelic forces await to assist. The Transmutation of the Mental, Etheric, Astral as well as physical is upon us.

The Heart holds a great secret. Science and the intellect has so artfully pushed us (our souls) into the back seat on this wonderful journey... expecting us to happily witness 'happenings' and the 'unfoldment' as mere observers taking away our 'power' for ages.

The teacher tells us ... 'because of the potency of these forces interacting with physical matter from the 'etheric' realms at this time ... the Spiritual tool of 'Pure Belief' will produce great effects on the mass psyche, creating positive waves of energy within the subconscious. Stirring the soul. Even the seemingly smallest but 'purest' act of sharing will produce 'measurable' and profound changes in consciousness. Believe. Believe. Believe. Blessed be the pure in heart. It is time. To Believe." - Agni Teacher T.


It is for Everyone. To be SHARED and given freely to ALL.
Touch the heart gently with the palm of your left hand. Close the eyes. Take in a slow deep breath through the nostrils. Fill the lungs and imagine the heart chakra as The Whole Universe. A rotating universe of PURE LOVE-BELIEF ... Hold the breath and imagine this for a comfortable time 4 or 5 seconds or longer if you want (do not strain) ... Breathe out slowly and expel all of the breath through the mouth ... and know that YOU are God. Brahma. VISUALIZE perfect balance and harmony in this chakra ... Repeat 3 times, then breathe normally.

Raise up and hold out the palm of your left hand. (About head high.) Raise the right hand likewise. With great feeling and concentration use the imagination to project out of the HEART and the centers in the palms of the hands, pure white pulses, streams of LOVE - LIGHT into the ethers. Into the world. Into the planet.

THOUGHT plus LOVE plus IMAGINATION. Fired by Will. The WILL is our spiritual engine. Then breathe slowly but normally. After a short while. Sit quietly for a few moments with the head tilted up slightly and spine straight. Again gently close the eyes. Place the hands on the lap or face down on the knees. Focus all your attention on the 'Sun ' center, situated outside the physical body, some six inches in front of the center of the brow. Consciously pull your energies towards the nucleus of this brilliant white radiant orb, some 6 to 10 inches in diameter ... Be filled with its scintillating LIGHT. Be uplifted. Feel the HEALING GOD force irradiating from and 'through' this Chakra. Bathing the physical and subtle bodies. Feel it on the skin like a magnetic tingling. This is 'The Cloak of Spiritual Transformation.'

One minute of light concentration is good ... 2 to 3 is better. Be bathed in this all-pervading effervescence. Breathe slowly and deeply then relax.

Then with peace and humility ... bow and make a short yet heart-felt prayer of thanks to whatever Holy or Sacred force you 'believe' in. Your personal object of spiritual inspiration or devotion. Close the eyes and acknowledge in humility the 'CHRIST WITHIN'. The all encompassing LOVE! In your inner silence ... bow respectfully to The Great Lord Shiva ... the highest Guru ... the restorer of the Trinity... the Lord of Etheric LIGHT.

Then End.

Do it and be blessed. The angels are here, now with you! The intergalactic ones ... the Spiritual Intuits. Create positive KARMA for yourself, your family, your race, YOUR WORLD! On every level! Then whisper 3 times ... Elohim Elohim Atma Brahma Elohim.

Uranus is at the apex of a triangulation, esoterically speaking with Mars and Earth. At a point in its center forces are pouring into our planetary system from the Pleiades and Sirius. This assimilation reflects certain 'cosmic-spiritual-energies' into the solar system and is focused and injected into the etheric matrix of Earth. This energy in turn is broken down and forms part of the existing etheric field around the planet. (It can be likened to pouring a colored dye in water if you wish) These energies are made up of very fine matter and are of an extremely high frequency.

This matter for the purpose of illustration can be likened to an interwoven web of 'gaseous-thought-liquid'. Apart from fulfilling 'natural' functions at a sub-etheric and sub-atom level. Motional functions that move in and out of physical matter. It is also full of 'spiritual nourishment'. Etheric nutrition for the human soul and the subtle bodies.

Higher spiritual functions can be esoterically linked to this matter. In between thought, light and sound is 'other' information.

This Etheric matter is highly magnetic and susceptible to thought and imagery. It is also receptive to what may be termed 'pranic-thought-electricity'.

Fundamentally it may be said to be both 'imagination and matter'. It pervades and permeates in and around all things. It interpenetrates all matter as we know it. It can be assimilated and absorbed through the aura. From 'without as well as 'within'. The process can be likened to a kind of "psychic osmosis". It is psychic food. It can also be drawn in via the chakras by the use and combination of breath and thought.

The apparent metaphorical wall that previously separated the physical and spirit worlds is now only a thin membrane.

All 'meditative' and 'spiritual' action will be 'greatly' enhanced. Never before has there been a better time to clear so much Karma. Direct interaction with and knowledge of the etheric and spirit realms is next on the list.

The teacher T

The mysterious power of thought which enables it to produce external, perceptible, phenomenal results by its own inherent energy - Kriya Sakti

The ancients held that 'any idea will manifest itself externally if one's attention is deeply concentrated upon it. Similarly an intense volition will be followed by the desired result.'- The Secret Doctrine by Madame Blavatsky



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