'Spiritual Expansion'

Every Selfless positive act, thought, feeling and visualisation will aid in the raising of consciousness on our planet.
As we move towards Christ Consciousness. Within and without!
In the Three Worlds.

"Truth will never come to us as long as we are selfish"
Swami Vivikenanada

* * *

It is best to practice meditation, Sadhana in a room specifically put aside for Spiritual practices. Those who cannot afford a room set apart can practice anywhere they like.
Sit in a straight posture and the first thing to do is to send a current of Holy thought to ALL creation. Mentally repeat 'Let all beings be happy; Let all beings be peaceful; Let all beings be blissful. So do to the east, south, north and west. The more you do that the better you will feel yourself. You will find at last that the easiest way to make ourselves healthy is to see that others are healthy, and the easiest way to make ourselves happy is to see that others are happy. After that, those who believe in God should pray - not for money, not for health, not for heaven; Pray for knowledge and Light; every other prayer is selfish.

The next thing to do is think of your own body and see it is strong and healthy; It is the best instrument you have. Think of it as being strong as adamant and that with the help of this body you will cross the ocean of life. Freedom is never to be reached by the weak. Throw away all weakness. Tell your body that it is strong, tell your mind that it is strong and have unbounded faith and hope in yourself.

Swami Vivekanada

Meditation : What is it?

WE Are Capable of SO MUCH More than what we 'THINK'...

Many people have asked me about "meditation' and how to do it and what it is. There are many good books on this very important subject.
Raja Yoga by Swami Vivikenanda is essential reading. A wonderful study. Published by Vedanta Press. This is where I started and where I still look for invaluble reference.

Because we are, thankfully all different from each other and have our own particular emotional, mental and Spiritual make-up, everyone needs to seek out a method of
Meditation that suits the best: We need to check out different methods or find an approach , a set of practises that seem right for us. When finding it; Stick to it; Work with it and modify it if you need to as you go along.

Are you 'thinking' about it ? Please do, but don't 'think' too long! The best time to start is NOW!

Always keep an open mind when new information or insights come your way and remember WORK pays for progress.

-Dave Davies

"The ego and vanity in man often stand in the way of his acceptance of the position that super-ordinary consciousness, to which he is a total stranger, can be possible for some members of the species to which he belongs. This frame of mind is often pronounced in scholars who fondly believe that more and more extensive knowledge of the world and its infinitely varied phenomena provided by poring over vast liberies of books, is the only expansion and advancement possible to the human mind.It cannot but be repugnant to a polymath to be told that there is a learning beyond his grasp, that the very nature of the mind can change and can soar to normally super-sensible planes of being, which are inaccessible to the keenest intellect, however well informed and penetrating it might be."

- Gopi Krishna from 'The Wonder Of The Brain

The Lord Buddha.

"...To bring Peace to All, one must first discipline and control one's own mind".

(TURN OFF the TV. and shut out the external mental, psychic and etheric bombardment . Sit calmly and contemplate for a few minutes). Correct breathing will control the thought waves in the mind and focus the energies of the nervous system in one direction.

Posture for Meditation :

By sitting up straight, with the spine erect, we transmute the energies of
the physical body. Posture is important, especially as meditation deepens
and lengthens. With the spine erect and the head balanced at the top of
the spine, the life force is quickened and intensified as energies flood
freely through the nerve system. In a position such as this, we cannot
become worried, fretful, depressed or sleepy during our meditation. But
if we slump the shoulders forward, we short-circuit the life energies. In
a position such as this, it is easy to become depressed, to have mental
arguments with oneself or another, or to experience unhappiness. So,
learn to sit dynamically, relaxed and yet poised. The full-lotus position,
with the right foot resting on the left thigh and the left foot above,
resting on the right thigh, is the most stable posture to assume, hands
resting in the lap, right hand on top, with both thumbs touching.
If this is uncomfortable , then upright sit in a straight backed chair.
You should be alert but calm and without tension.

EXERCISE A A simple breathing

The breathing. Inhale slowly through both nostrils on a slow count of three. One and two and three and hold the breath for one second then exhale slowly through the nostrils to a similar rhythm of one and two and three and four and rest for a second before repeating. Make sure all of the air is dispelled. This should be done for about five rounds in the beginning then after about two weeks ten . You can count the rounds on the fingers. Please modify the time and the amount of counts as you feel it. This is only a guide line. You should feel comfortable. After the breathing relax for a minute before moving on . If you must think of somethingthen ponder over positive qualities in order to build yourself up. This simple exercise also stills the 'Heart.'

Apart from relaxing the mind and body it creates a gentle feeling of readiness. Fill your thoughts with strength on every breath. Tell your mind and body it is strong Have hope and expectation in yourself. You are special! You have a purpose! You are DIVINE! The mind is intimately connected to the body. The more we practice the more we find this to be a reality. It is important to experience truth first hand. We must somehow put out of our mind the worry of whether this is going to work. Don't concern yourself with results. Just believe things will work out. There are many metaphysical computations at work.

Always remember ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT . The more concentrated your thought and focused your feelings, the more effective your personal 'magic' and magnetism become.

A Meditation for Peace

we have a choice in the outcome of our destiny and it is a simple equation.

'Sharing = Survival'

service to self = delusion, confusion, destruction
service to all = spiritual liberation and Global peace, Personal and Human Transformation!

Think it out...then Feel it out...
Then Know It!

Use your Feelings + Visualisation and Imagine Light, Healing and balancing energies on all levels. Spiritual, Mental, psychic, emotional, physical..
Either enter
Send Healing Sanctuary or sit upright in a chair with spine erect , head up with palms opened outwards. Visualise a tube of pure white light emananting from your heart and out of the palms of your hands. Direct these 'forces' outward toward the world or the center of the crystal on the Send Healing screen. Imagine this 'power' uncluttered by your every day thoughts and worries, radiating Light, Energy, Love and Healing to the World .

* * *

LOVE and PEACE to ALL!!!


Spiritual Expansion: by Dave Davies

It is so important in these times of great change, stress and upheaval to acknowledge and draw on the power coming in from Spirit . The incredible inexhaustible Cosmic forces that are 'within' and around us all.

Using our Mental and Imaginative capabilities and a balanced emotional focus we can to tap into these latent forces. We can also invoke guidance from our angels, the higher self or the over-soul for help, we can work with these tremendous Spiritual energies, offering Inspiration, guidance and Healing to the world.

In our midst there are wonderful compassionate Beings waiting for every opportunity to aid us in this wonderful Transmutation. Of our entry into the Brave new world, the Dimension of Love ; Of Clarity, Truth and Compassion. The Consciousness of The Heart.

The majority of people on our planet are functioning, 'experiencing', vibrating in the dimension of the solar plexus center (Manipura) and the sex center
(svashishthana). This svashishthana center is where people live, worry and think! The material world is very real to them. They find security and self-esteem in 'Reason'. This is the home of the intellect. Generally we function in 3 centers, moving our awreness from one to another. But we all have a 'home' base chakra as it were. The Spiritually oriented person's home base is the Heart, or throat chakra. Depending on the developement of the individual. The Spiritually Advanced person operates mainly in the throat chakra, Ajana center (or third eye center). The Crown chakra and above.

Muladhara /Root chakra is the Dividing dimension between the lower states of being and the higher states of 'Awareness' and Consciousness. This chakra of memory, of time and space and the realm above the Svashishthana center, is where the Great Intergallactic Deity, The Lord Ganesa presides. Ever watchful, patient and waiting to help the sincere seeker.
Many souls now incarnate also function in the 7 chakras below the Mulhadhara or Root center.

The lower domains are worlds where many forces, entities and souls of people operate, battle, interact and congregate. Where fear, raging anger, selfishness, and hatred, run amok. Awareness is filled with thoughts of malice, killing, and terror.
Mostly these souls are oblivious to the dimensions above and the greater potential of consciousness.

Many people on our world are Lost in some of these dimensions. We can help them by 'awakening' and transmuting our own inherent Life-Force (energy) by learning how to utilise these latent powers through Spiritual discipline and practice. We need to create our own Magical imagery, prayers and invokations; Healings. Projecting our psychic-magnetic influence to improve and ALTER the astral, etheric and KARMIC atmosphere around us and the Whole Planet. We will gain Spiritual knowledge, attainment and inner strength through Selfless Service. Karma Yoga + Meditation helps awaken the latent Sacred Force within,
Kundalini .

We must strive and practise with whatever Mental-Emotion-Psychic and Spiritual tools we have at hand to become Inner Plane workers , Beings of Light. To shed this light throughout all planes, for the betterment of all Humanity. We are limited only by our Imagination!

For many of us, the Point we have now reached as far as our Spiritual Evolution is concerned is the transitional apex or dividing dimension between the lower and higher worlds.
The Solar Plexus center. Manipura. This chakra is the hub of willpower, of discipline and endurance. People function at high levels, mentally and physically when living in this chakra. It is the pivotal area where mankind strives to achieve. Where these forces 'interact' meet and 'Collide'.

Key! Where there is awareness, Consciousness flows. Where consciousness flows, The Spiritual Will can Direct! When the Spiritual will is aroused consciousness can flow more easily into the higher centers.

We somehow need to use all the effort of our will to Rise above Events in the 3 dimensional world and make the leap into the 4th dimensional Gateway, from the Consciousness of The Manipura through and into the regions or inter-dimensional spheres of the Anahata, the realm of the heart chakra, of Insight, love and understanding and the Throat Chakra , Visuddha. Leading us toward the Consciousness of limitless, selfless, 'Universal Love'. Into the dawning of Chrsit Consciousness.

Key: Spiritual work 'performed' in this Realm effects the emotional and etheric 'realms' of the Whole Earth magnetically .The Light of Consciousness that 'infuses' with the consciousness of ALL people.

These are the realms of the Lord Murugan, the Kumara of our planetary system. The Emancipator. This Deity is a wonderful inter-galactic angel from The Pleides. If we have true humility, he can guide us on our essential journey. Giving us the support, power and encouragement to transcend our lower and instinctive nature. Ultimately driving us forward, breaking the seals of the higher centers that eventually take us into Multi-Dimensional reality. Of Divine Vision and Transmutation. The realm of Siva. Of divine knowledge . Of All transforming 'Spiritual Power and Liberation.'

The chakras of Ajana and Sahasrara.

Sahasrara. (Crown Center) The door of Bramah. Gateway to the eternal. "Love your God with all your heart and all your might ", is the highest bhakti! The all pervasive power of the 'Father'.
Ajana is sometimes referred to as the All Seeing Eye of Siva. "When thine eye be single, then thy body be filled with light. "
The power of the Holy Spirit is invoked by the Activation of and the rising of The Kundalini force to these centers. The Divine Trianglulation in Human consciousness. The Throat center, the Pituritary and Pineal gland.

Above the crown chakra are still higher chakras.

It is believed that the Great Masters, Jesus, Buddha, Babaji and other elevated Masters, transcended these higher states and gained Ascension.
In the Buddhist heritage and tradition it is understood that there are 32 higher chakras.

We can help transmute conditions on our Planet by tuning into and working with the powerful forces that are coming into our planetary system at this time. We must take full advantage of this cosmic wake-up call for change provided by the incredible potential inherent in the current and ongoing Astrological conditions.

These Forces that can be moulded and shaped by our thought, and focused Will! Our meditations, intent and Directive for the betterment of all Humanity on every level. This is an opportunity for all of us. We can as individuals re-claim our spiritual rights. Standing in Light; taking our true Spiritual place in the vast evolution of worlds and Planets and the Cosmos.

We are multi-dimensional beings at the crossroads where Light meets Darkness. Never before has there been a better opportunity for Real change than NOW!

At this time in the Kali Yuga, In the world, all states of consciousness are opened. The main 14 psychic vortices/ chakras are awakened and manifest in some way or the other on the Earth. In the midst of this intense and purifying 'fire' is a ripe and propitious time for Spiritual Unfoldment!

meditation : The Star Of Christ

Spiritual Expansion ....... continued

Om shanti shanti shanti

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