"Change yourself and you have done your part in changing the world. Every individual must change his own life if he wants to live in a peaceful world. The world cannot become peaceful unless and until you yourself begin to work toward peace. It is only by removing hate from our hearts that we can live a Christ-like life." - Paramahansa Yogananda

"Human life is for the Cultivation of Spiritual Knowledge" - His Divine Grace, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

"I may be a despicable person, but when Truth speaks through me I am invincible" - Mahatma Gandhi

Excerpts from An Astrological Triptych, Dane Rudhyar ©1978

"The fundamental task of humanity during the coming decades and centuries is . . . the development of a type of human being able to assume safely and constructively the responsibility which the management of power entails . . . To assume this responsibility, not for their own individual or group advantage, but for the welfare of the whole; to assume it freely, consciously, joyously - indeed, as gods-in-the-making this must be the way of men and women of tomorrow, if humanity is to survive." (p. 75)

"The New Age humanity can only be true to its high destiny if the men and women who are to be roots and flowers of its civilization succeed in incorporating within their lives and their philosophy the idea of "service"; if they seek no greater glory than to be know as "servants" of humanity." (p. 76)

"Spirit . . . is no respecter of goodness or sentiment. What has to be uttered, what has to be revealed, will be manifested." (p. 76)

"How will we meet this God of Power? . . . Shall we seek to impose our will and our concepts upon a resistant and sullen world, or shall we so act as 'servants of humanity' that hearts and minds everywhere will turn toward us in gratitude and renewed hope?" (p. 77)

"Whoever seeks to hold power for powerís sake, or for the self-centered use of power, finds himself . . . on the highway to destruction. Power can bring wholesome fruits only to those who hold it in trust for the Whole and, with it, serve the Whole. Monopoly on power in whatever form can only lead to eventual self-destruction." (p. 77)

"Men have yet thoroughly to learn this lesson. They will learn it only when this eventuality of self-destruction ceases to be remote and vague . . . " (p. 77)

"Spirit does not compel; but facts do. It is therefore necessary that facts be made so compelling that men at long last recognize that all power is of the Whole, belongs to the Whole, and is entrusted to individuals, only in order that they may manage its release with clear-cut and specialized efficiency for the sake of the Whole." (p. 77)

"Everything that is basically human flows from the common root of our humanhood into the myriad of channels opened will, the vision and the skills of [individuals] of courage and of thought everywhere. Yet, to those that are first belongs the unparalleled opportunity to serve as vehicles for the original and originating downpour of the creative spirit, whence comes all power on earth as in heaven." (p. 78)

"This downpour of creative spirit is the essential characteristic of the new era which carries the astrological signature of Aquarius. The one task of those . . . who have this signature imprinted upon their individual selfhood is to gain the ability to release this power that flows down from high altitudes . . . to release it not for profit, but in service, as the heart releases blood which floods its left ventricle - that the entire body be nourished with the vital oxygen and with the potent chemicals of the endocrine glands." (p. 78)

"What is needed is a spiritual purpose. What is needed is that individuals become conscious of the evolutionary goal next ahead for humanity. What is needed is a total identification of the human imagination and will with this goal, and the faith that makes such an identification WORK." (p.80)

"The Aquarian . . . in us all must reach that noble station human development and become 'the Servant' Humanity is the Great Orphan. It must be fed with power. Power must be given purpose. And there can be only one true purpose: peace." (p. 81)

"Power is not to be clung to, and neither is love. Power is to be used. Love is to be used. Life is to be used. All that is ours to touch, to feel, to experience is to be used, to be managed. It must be managed to serve a purpose that is true, real, divine - simply because it is an evolutionary purpose that alone makes sense. Nothing makes sense which does not go forward in greater, deeper, nobler, more inclusive creative activity; and all motion forward demands that power be summoned, used and managed." (p. 81)

The above excerpts are from An Astrological Triptych, Dane Rudhyar ISBN 0-943358-10-8
©1978 - Dane Rudhyar
Aurora Press, PO Box 573, Santa Fe, N.M. 87504
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"There is no Religion higher than Truth"

Madame Blavatsky



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