The Great Lord Ganesha.

Child of the Pleiades.

Guardian of the Spiritual Gateway.

Ask for entrance into the the Holy Temple on The Spiritual Planet Earth.

Knock three times

"I bow before thee oh great compassionate Karmic Lord, in respect and Love".

The Lord Ganesha is the inner authority who grants us access to the Spiritual mysteries. Feel his soft Gentle power. He adores especially children. This kindly elephant faced deity is an intergalactic ANGEL. And is for everyone who calls for his GRACE in Pure Humility. Son of Shiva. He lives similtaneously everywhere!

Close the eyes and think of Ganesha. IMAGINE his presence. VISUALIZE! If you be sincere, he will be there with you. Say ...'O Lord who destroys and removes all obstacles ... grant me the benefit of your power. Of your guidance and protection in my time of need ... Release me from fear and confusion.

Ganesa is the protector and guardian of the Muladhara chakra

The muladhara chakra, the Divine seat of Lord Ganesa, is the dividing dimension between the lower nature and the higher nature. It is the begininning of all Spiritual work for everyone. Bow at the Holy feet of Ganesa as consciousness is delivered out of the realms below. The Saviour and Awakener of the Goddess Kundalini. Worship even before the Great Lord Shiva.

Muladhara / Root-Chakra

Om Ganeshaya Namah



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