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This is A Unique opportunity to own Personalised Inspirational art, hand painted by Dave Davies.

Email your name, birth date, time and place of birth when ordering and Dave will create a personalised 18"x 24" (acrylic on canvas) painting of Meditation Art especially for you. For you to use as an inspirational Meditation aid; or to use simply to ponder and contemplate in quieter, more reflective moments.

Email: metamusic@aol.com

Each work of art is specifically and primarily designed for the individual to use as a Meditation device, aid and focus, to enhance consciousness. To act as a psychic gateway to assist you in your inner spiritual search and developement.

By the positive use of the imagination together with a calm, openness of 'feeling', the meditator can draw intuitively from the 'etheric, energy-vibrations ' of the picture. This will allow the individual to journey through the various facets of the mind. To actively investigate the deeper levels of the self through symbolic, visual metaphor and stimulous. Exploring mystical landscapes and impressions revealing the psycho-spiritual language of the Soul, of the psyche. To engage with and 'work' with the subconscious and superconscious aspects of mind and layers of our inner being.

A Spiritual and meditative tool to help, guide and uplift the seeker on the path to self-discovery, self-realization and higher consciousness. This wonderful imagery can be used as a stand alone object of inspiration or may be used to compliment your own existing Spiritual Practices and Meditations

Each picture is designed specifically for the individual, based on and drawn from Astrological data provided by the date, time and place of birth ; From patterns of potential inherent in that information and Dave's own unique insights, intuition and inspirations.  

The art will be signed by Dave and a letter of authenticity will accompany each order. This amazing art is truly original; Each a 'One of a kind'; a one off: and completely exclusive to the purchaser. A psychic adventure awaits you! An extraordinary work of art that you will display with pride in your place of meditation. Something that you can enjoy and draw inspiration from, your Whole life.

Enjoy this Unique, Distinctive, Irreplaceable. Unrepeatable. Inspirational ... Art ... Now!

For all questions and information email metamusic@aol.com

Please use the name 'white mirror' as subject or reference in email and correspondence.



SPECIAL Price for Larger Canvas  ... $2,500 (inc. p&p, insurance and delivery)

Each picture when completed will be ready to frame; and will come on a wood supported mounted canvas.


PLEASE make sure you send with order an email to metamusic@aol.com stating your correct BIRTH-DATE, TIME and PLACE. This is essential so that Dave can tune in with each person to get the best results. For all questions and enquiries, special payment requests and arrangements email metamusic@aol.com

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.




Personalised Meditation art by Dave Davies

What is White Mirror?

What Dave says about his Art! 'Darshan Art'




"I was amazed when I received my Meditation Art from Dave Davies. I know Dave to be a person of great personal perception, understanding and intuition. I know he is a brilliant musician and a good friend. However, I didn't realize that he could use art in a way that could help the recipient of that art to open themselves up more fully to their higher nature. 
Although I have been immersed in Spiritual study and work for most of my life, his Meditation Art immediately brought to me an aspect of my higher nature that I had not seen clearly before. This was extremely helpful. It helped to focus me and clarify my image of myself in a more positive way. I look forward to spending more time with my personal Meditation Art and believe that in time more will be revealed through it. I think Dave has a great talent, and a great Spiritual drive to help others grow and learn and understand, as he has. Thanks, Dave!"

-Chrissie Blaze (Chrissie Blaze is a world reknowned international lecturer, author, astrologer)

"So, First and Foremost, Thank You infinitely for such a beautiful piece of art. It is breathtaking and such a treasure. My soul smiled. I was overwhelmed and very moved instantly. Believe me when I say I related to it from first glance - The piece really speaks to me. I hope to be able to capture some of this in words in the future to share back with you but often words can't convey the essence."

- Kathleen

"...Oh my goodness ! Thank you very very much Dave. My painting that you created is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen,the colours and shapes and paint .....and believe me I have seen many wonders in my life....I can’t wait to return to study and meditate on your wonderful images. I already saw many meaningful ones in seconds. I practice Kundalini yoga so it just adds another dimension.
Also the packaging. It was excellent, all part of the excitement,

- Sarah-Lou

"...For me personally, it was especially rewarding as I have been such a fan of Dave for his musical inspiration initially (and always)- but more than that- as a humanitarian inspiration.  Admittedly, I have a learning curve in the understandings of how to utilize techniques in meditation, etc. I do relish in the solice, peace and tranquilty that it does represent. So much thanks to Dave for the personalized prayers, thoughts and inspiration you have given to so many people- including myself."





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