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Darshan Art: by Dave Davies “after studying and meditating upon the persons astrological-chart and info, I relax into a light trance condition. It feels like a 'waiting' station; like I am standing back midway between myself and the subject . I feel three forces are operating; myself, the subject or person and a higher broader consciousness or state of mind. there are no words or voices, only a waiting.”This is the space where I work. It feels like a ‘space’ that is close to the Soul. I became very much more aware of this place or space while I was ill in 2004.

People often ask me all sorts of questions about meditation and Spiritual stuff. Some say that it seems strange to them that a rock singer and musician should know about or be involved in metaphysics. To me it seems only a natural progression. As primarily artists are communicators on many levels, pulling ideas, notions, feelings, inspiration and pictures from the ethers, from the mind belt… the Spiritual and psychic realms are the most important areas of consciousness that we are and should be involved in and operate on. The creative part of the mind is the area where we build our hopes and dreams and create our future. I am not interested solely in politics or just philosophy, because to me they deal with only a part of the individuals awareness or being. Metaphysics, Raja Yoga, mysticism, Spiriuality takes on board all aspects of life and people. The complete individual, 'We are multi-dimensional beings.

‘…..with all this stuff, studied and talked and practiced up and down and around and around we are left with one important thing. That ‘everything’ is our responsibility and that we have to do whatever we have to do, 'ourselves', ultimately. No matter how well meaning a person may be . The work, the real Spiritual work cannot be done for us. But we ALL need help, encouragement and nurturing. We need ‘Attention’. Attention and encouragement to develope. To grow. ”

‘These pictures are like conversations or rather communications with imaginations and subconsciousness’s and the collective unconscious. A place where ALL of us live, intereact and explore and discover and draw conclusions ; even when we are unaware in our conscious mind that we are doing so. Mystical and etheric conversations between myself, the sitter and the higher self. It is like darshan. Darshan can be effective over thousands of miles. Even between dimensions if you like….even through various levels of existence and between different levels of awareness.”

“I wanted to do something to help people who ask me about metaphysics and stuff. One of the hardest things for ALL of us to ‘confront’ is the ‘mind’. Until we take certain steps to take charge of and try to control the mind, we cannot really do anything. If we think about it!

Aside from the obvious conscious input/info we gather up from our senses, there is also psychic-spiritual magnetic vibrations evident, at work; which can and do affect the mind on subtle levels, more responsive areas of consciousness. What really baffles us is 'Time.' We live under a false notion that everything, cause and effect, emotions, mentality, our imagination is subject to the same framework of time… when we could say that these areas of activity all take their 'own' time, in their own time”….like different dimensions in space, yet affecting each other at the same‘time’.”

” I firmly believe we can share and help with others negative Karma by the creative and positive use of the imagination, let alone all the many obvious material ways we can help and share. Not to do IT for them but to share it WITH them, so to speak. If motivated by a real and potent Spiritual impulse or inspiration, we can really help and affect , ‘touch’ and share what others are going through . This to me is metaphysics in action. What is happening /being affected in your mind as you read this and what is happening/ being in my mind as I ‘share’ with you.”

George King a great mystic and Yogi and friend once said to me …”If you want to teach! Then Teach people how to stand on their own two feet”.

“I have tried and will endeavor to invoke ‘energies’ in each piece of work that when ‘played’ upon by the mind will produce positive effects within the meditator on many levels. Upon Consciousness. We all need the right attention! Attention brings Awareness. Awareness leads to higher Consciousness if directed by the controlled will. Enjoy the Darshan of the Soul.

Darshan Art by Dave Davies


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