Unfinished Business - Limited Edition

(Solo Kronikles, 1980-1997)

Catalog # CDPRO-014

Record Label : Velvel Records

Date : August 1997

1 Unfinished Business
2 Imagination's Real (80k)
3 The World Is Changing Hands
4 Nothing More To Lose
5 Body
6 In You I Believe
7 World Of Our Own
8 Eastern Eyes
9 Love Gets You (86k)
10 I'll Get Over
11 When The Wind Blows (Emergency)

The 'Unfinished Business' album, versions of which have been planned for over two years, was finally released as a limited edition CD on the second leg of Dave's 1997 tour. The two demos included on it, 'I'll Get Over' and 'When The Wind Blows (Emergency)' are just a taste of what to expect from Dave in 1998. The title track, which should show the Gallagher brothers just how it should be done, was recorded at Konk early last year by Dave with his son Simon on drums.





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