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“The riff machine. Svengali hooks… there is but one Dave Davies”


"Decade" the great new release from Dave

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"OPEN ROAD" - LP Spring 2017

Open Road is an album by Dave Davies & Russ Davies, two musicians coming from different eras and backgrounds in music fusing their collective experience into a deeply honest and inspiring LP. Together they have crafted a beautiful pop rock album, bringing together their own personal history and experience into a molten expression of sentimental acoustic songs and anthemic rock hits.

OBSERVER: "A blend of power and intimacy that resembles the rawness of John Lennon mixed with the hushed heart-shiver of Nick Drake or Alex Chilton"

UNCUT: “An impressive LP”


MOJO: “Satisfying unpredictable – a fresh non-rock approach to rhythms with unexpected shifts in style”


EXPRESS: Album Of The Week “A sharp and often very beautiful exercise in psychedelic rock and pop balladry with a smart indie sheen


ROLLING STONE:“Melancholy rock songs waxing nostalgia about his growing-up years, winsome emotions and the elusive nature of love


PASTE MAGAZINE: “Musical adventurousness exploring a unique musical space that’s unlike any record he’s made yet”


ROCK NUTS “Russ Davies’ production and arrangements make the crowning touch on this album, he turns what would have been good record into a very good record. If Dave was owed respect before, he deserves even more after this album.”


SPILL MAGAZINE “This is an album in every sense of the word…A terrific album"


CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND “Never have they sounded as locked-in as they do on new track Path Is Long. Good, honest, traditional songs that play to each songwriter’s strengths.”


SONG WRITING MAGAZINE “A revealing and rewarding listen – a sentimental and carefully crafted album”

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