co-producers Dave Davies & Martin Davies

Over fifty years after the Kinks` infamous first tour of the USA, we follow Dave over 5  tours playing to fans of all ages , whilst releasing 3  new albums and reflecting on an action-packed career of ups and downs. Featuring unique behind the scenes footage and archive, as well as legendary fans  like Mark Hamill and Mick Foley.




It`s been a long road, but we`re in the latter stages of post-production, been busy editing from hundreds of hours of footage shot over the last tours. We  had a low budget of $9,000 for the project, so have done all the filming and editing , archive research myself..

Over half of the budget has been spent on archive, mostly  digitizing to High Definition old archive  8mm footage Dave filmed in the 1960s  and 1970 - and it looks great! Much of the rest on equipment, software.

As well as filming dozens of shows/soundchecks/life on the road ,  i was tour managing - not always easy trying to film while dealing with promoters and overzealous fans :)   
The film was originally going to be called Rock N Roll Journey, but Strangers seems more appropriate.    The song has a special meaning to many people, and has become somewhat of a Kinks classic the last few years.


I hope many would agree with me that Dave doesn`t get the credit he deserves for his contribution to rock n roll, hopefully a kickass documentary will help resolve that.  It`s been wonderful to meet many of the film`s supporters on the road, your support has been greatly appreciated.  Particular thanks to Rebecca G. Wilson,  SImon Davies and all the musicians who`ve worked with Dave TPahPaPanj


I`ll be sending a more detailed  update soon to investors, but if you have any queries,  please contact 


Will be posting more content over the coming weeks!

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I`m Dave`s eldest son, born in 1967

I worked for the Kinks and Ray at Konk studios from 2003 -2006
I  edited a documentary on the Arista years directed by Ray, i  edited  the To The Bone live video. 

2004 was a tough year - with Ray`s shooting and Dave`s stoke, but  there were highlights managing the Kinks back catalogue,  including the award-winning  Village Green Preservation Society reissue.

I worked on the release of Ray`s Other People`s Lives album, as well as doing editing and filming for Ray`s Americana documentary.  I instigated and arranged the final reunion of the original Kinks line up for the 2005 UK Music Hall of Fame at Alexandra Palace, a memorable evening!

In 2010 Dave and I brought out the film Mystical Journey which covered Dave`s lifelong interest in metaphysics.  
I`ve been managing/tour managing Dave since 2014.  Especially proud to help with bringing out the Decade album, a lot of time going through tapes! Also been great to  help with the  BMG special box-set reissues of  Village Green, Arthur and the upcoming Lola 50th anniversary box-set.

Earlier this year i  digitized  dozens of Dave`s home demo tapes, some of which we may use in Strangers and upcoming projects